Home Beauty Freckling is the newest trend and it’s inspired by our favourite Royal

Freckling is the newest trend and it’s inspired by our favourite Royal

These tatooed freckles can last up to three years

Credit: WENN.com

Freckling is a new beauty trend which was inspired by the newest member of the Royal family, Meghan Markle.

Women are now getting freckles tattooed on their faces after seeing how naturally beautiful Meghan is without makeup.

People were inspired after seeing the Duchess of Sussex wear little makeup on her wedding day and showing her freckles off instead.

Cosmetic tattoo artist, Gabrielle Rainbow, told NewBeauty, “In terms of the freckles, when they are ‘freshly done,’ they will appear swollen almost like bee stings, and the swelling will go down within a couple hours and you’ll be left with your cute, fresh freckles.”

The faux freckles last around two – three years and fade to appear more natural after two months.

If you don’t feel confident getting freckles tattooed on your face, fake freckling can easily be done with an eyebrow pencil.

Terry Barber, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, recently told British Vogue how you can get flawless freckles in seconds.

“Concentrate them mainly on and around the nose with a lighter sprinkle out onto the cheeks and forehead,” he said.

“Use varying pressure on the pencil so that you get different sizes and a more random dispersion. If they look too regular it all gets a bit panto.”