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EXCLUSIVE! This is what it was REALLY like to be at Justin Bieber’s after party last night

Brian McFadden, Eoghan McDermott and a lot of Bieber fans had a serious night

Ever wonder what it’s really like to party VIP style with Justin Bieber’s crew?

Well last night in top Dublin hot spot Xico, over 200 people came together on a Tuesday night to let loose, hoping to meet international pop star Justin Bieber.

Although the Biebs did not show in the end, his crew rolled up as one of his best friends DJ Tay James took to the DJ booth.

Xico was hopping like I’ve never seen before, Grey Goose vodka was flowing, girls and guys were bumping and grinding and behind a red velvet rope Justin’s group partied the night away like royalty.

Anyone trying to take pictures of the crew were told to put away their phones, but behind the velvet rope we were Snapchatting and Instagramming like no one’s business.

With whispers that Justin was “definitely coming” girls lined themselves up alongside the VIP area, trying to get some of his friends’ attention.

Oh @xicodublin you’re too good ????????

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A few girls were pointed at by his crew, and then escorted in with excitement.

Too bad for one pair of best friends, dressed to the nines, as one girl was picked to come in, and the other was left outside the rope, not looking too happy.

Everyone waited with anticipation for JB to roll up as well, but it turns out Justin headed to nearby pub Sinnots instead after his sell out 3Arena gig – but no one seemed too disappointed as the party was just as good without him.

The night before he actually had come into Xico, and even took his top off as he partied with punters.


One of the most famous stars in the world, somehow managed to enjoy his night without being jumped on by a hundred fans, and I guess that’s why celebrities love coming to Ireland – we leave them alone.


Crew: Justin’s DJ played a set for the crowd

Despite Justin not being there last night, it was still one of the best parties I’ve been to in Dublin.

Brian McFadden showed up with his own group, and let loose on the dance floor. Partying alongside 2FM’s Eoghan McDermott.

Meanwhile Eoghan’s ex, model Jo Archbold, was across the room with her new beau Scott Fitzsimons, but both parties ended up leaving a little after Justin was due to drop in.

But as Bieber’s music blared out of Xico, more Grey Goose vodka was ordered, Justin’s crew were jumping up on seats, dancing with party goers – it felt like the party was never going to end.

Eventually the red rope was taken away (around 3am) and the whole club came together for some final Justin songs, taking some selfies, and partying hard…all on a school night.

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