Christmas Gift Guide: The Top 10 Gifts For Your BFF

Ah Christmas… A time of joyous overspending, over eating and over analysing your life.

Buying presents can sometimes be a burden, but the one person that is an absolute treat to shop for is your best friend.

You two are so similar that shopping for her is like shopping for yourself, except you don’t get to keep the presents for yourself (boo).

Here’s our picks of the best gifts for your BFF this Christmas:

1. M.A.C Lipsticks



A gal can NEVER have too many M.A.C lipsticks.

Whether you want to go for a festive burgundy, or a pop-of-colour coral shade, M.A.C has got you.

The prices are around €20, so you won’t break the bank, and your best pal will be super happy with her new gorge lips.

You can buy online HERE.

2. Fugifilm Instax Mini Camera


Without a doubt, every single girl in Ireland wants one of these cameras.

They’re cute, they’re pink and they can capture all of you and your friends’ best moments.

Who has time to print their photos anymore? Not me anyways, give me a polaroid cam any day.

They can be bought online HERE.

3. Personalised Marshmallows


Yep, this is actually a thing apparently.

How happy would you be if you got a little box of marshmallows with your FACE on them?

You get your BFF a box of nine vanilla or strawberry marshmallows with their photos on them.

You can order them online HERE.

4. Cocktail Glasses Set


These glasses are adorable AND they serve a dual purpose.

Looking cute, and holding your delicious alcohol.

The best thing about these is that there’s two, so you and your best friend can drink out of the glasses together all night long.

You can buy them online HERE.

5. Coffee Gift Card


I don’t know about you, but some of my best friends spend a ridiculous amount of money on coffee every day.

One of the best gifts I can imagine is FREE COFFEE.

Give your best friend a gift card for a coffee shop, and she will be able to blame you for her coffee addiction in the future.

You can buy them in most coffee shops, but if you want to buy online, you can do so HERE.

6. Cute Year Planner


Your best friend is a very busy girl, so get her a cute planner so she can organise her groundbreaking thoughts and ideas.

This planner is from My Shining Armour and it’s perfect for a busy working gal.

The details of this planner are adorable and come with plenty of stickers to keep your future plans cute.

You can buy it online HERE.

7. Cocoa Brown Bronzed & Beautiful Gift Set


All any girl wants for Christmas is to be bronzed and beautiful, and with a Cocoa Brown gift set you can give her just that.

The set includes Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, Tough Stuff Body Scrub, and Gentle Bronze Gradual Moisturiser.

So get your best friends glow on and she will love you eternally.

You can buy online HERE.

8. LanaiBlo Hair Dryer


These LanaiBlo hair dryer’s are amazing, giving one as a gift is like giving the gift of silky smooth hair.

You can also get these personalised, which is pretty cool.

It comes in black, white and pretty pink.

You can buy them online HERE.

9. A Spa Day


There is nothing like just relaxing and chilling out with your best friend.

Getting a spa day for your best mate is good because a) You can get yourself a spa day too and b) She will love you forever for introducing her to the hot stone massage.

There are plenty of spa and wellness centres all over Ireland, literally just google ‘Spa Treatment’ and your county and enjoy.

One place that you can book lovely spa treatments is HERE.

10. Headphones


A gal can never have enough pairs of headphones.

The amount of earphones we lose over the course of our lives is absurd, best stick to cute cat eared headphones then.

This adorable pair is of Skinnydip headphones are available from Urban Outfitters and would be a perfect gift for just about any girl.

You can buy them online HERE.