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The Best Love Stories From Couples That Met in Coppers


Last week, Copper Face Jacks launched a campaign with the hashtag #MetinCoppers in an attempt to find couples who found love in the famous nightclub – and are still going strong.

Since the campaign launched, Coppers have been inundated with touching stories from couples across Ireland, and even worldwide!

While there are so many love stories to choose from, Coppers have sent us on a few that are particularly heartwarming.. and/or gas.

Take a look:

Meghan and Cathal


When they met: On October 18, 2015, after connecting on “good auld” Tinder.

“We chatted here and there, but it all changed one night when we both found ourselves in the big shmoke on a night out! I’d been out with my brother, who lives in Dublin, for October fest then onto a few other bars. By 11:30pm we were both fairly intoxicated and stuffing our faces in a well know Chinese and had made plans to call it a night.

I got the typical “where are you” message from Cathal just as I had finished devouring my 3 in 1. He had gathered I was in Dublin too (stalker) and told me he would love to meet me for a drink! In a complete moment of madness myself and my brother decided it was completely fine and normal to bring him along for the first time meeting a “tinder person”. We wiped the rice off our faces and soldiered on to Harcourt street.

“There, I met Cathal for the first time in person, big brother in tow. Poor Cathal. With a bumused and bewildered look on his face Cathal introduced himself to both of us. Somewhere amongst all the awkwardness one of us suggested Coppers! The three of us headed in and i genuinely had one of the best nights of my life. Drinks, chats and dancing! The three amigos! We stayed till closing and then headed back to my bothers house where Cathal slept on the couch.

The next day I woke up with the mother of all fear, Who the hell goes to coppers with their brother on their first date? I had made peace with the fact that Cathal would think I was a stage 5 clinger and would probably change his number the minute he got home.

Low and behold we stayed in contact and went on many dates (just the two of us). If a guy can put up with having your bother tag along on the first date then he’s a keeper. We’ve been “official” since January. Coppers holds a special place in our heart. If I hadn’t had so much fun with Cathal that night and realised that he was actually a complete gentleman who was obviously head over heels in love with me (who else would abandon all the lads on a night out to meet a girl and her brother?!) , then I don’t know if we would have met up at all. It was fate.

Whenever I hear Westlife “when you’re looking like that” it reminds me of the night that we met, also the night I started to fall for him. His god awful dance moves to Westlife just won my heart. We’ve planned a night out in Dublin on Sunday 18th of October this year to celebrate our “anniversary” and we will be heading back to Coppers. And yes, my brother has also said he will come along! So even if we don’t compare to any of the other love stories that blossomed from your fine establishment, please do play “When you’re looking like that” on the 18th of October for us! Cathal will be the one dancing and I’ll be the one trying to pretend I don’t know him. Cheers Coppers for helping me find the man of my dreams, you’re sound!”

Melissa and Mark


When they met: On December 22, 2013, whilst on 12 Pubs of Christmas.

“I met my husband Mark in Coppers on the 22nd of December 2013. It was the final pub of our 12 pubs of Christmas. I was invited by my college friend Michelle to join her on her 12 pubs so after finishing up working in BT2 I met her in Coppers.

“There standing in his bright blue penguin Christmas jumper was mark. We chatted away for the night and that was the start of an amazing relationship. A year and a half later he proposed on The Palm in Dubai and this summer we became husband and wife at the age of 23 and 25. If it wasn’t for Coppers I would never had met my husband Mark and had a fairytale wedding just three weeks ago.”

Maria and Nigel


When they met: In August 1999, through a mutual friend. 

“It was a brief introduction as I was catching up and chatting more to my old school friend about my impending plans to emigrate to Australia. I didn’t make it to Australia after all as my future husband started emailing me in work (in Italian) and asked me out on a date. (I didn’t give him my email address however, he found it on our mutual friends joke group mailing list.)

For some reason, I was intrigued by this tall dark handsome Irish guy (I met in Coppers) who wrote in Italian (he was using a translation tool online). I’m Irish Italian and yes, it’s true, Italian is the language of love. We went to see the movie Mickey Blue Eyes on our first date and the rest is history. Well, that’s amoré.

We got engaged in Barcelona in 2002 and got married in my dad’s hometown in Italy in 2004. We have two beautiful daughters thankfully. We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this year. How lucky would it be to celebrate 13 years together in la bella Italia. Would love to say Ciao Bella Roma and of course grazie Coppers for our grande amore <3″

Maria and Ian


When they met: Back in 2011, on Valentine’s Day.

“College days were definitely the best days of my life. Being a true Pat’s girl, I’d go to Coppers as least 3 times a week – and meet the same old people there. Coppers was the highlight of my week (being on first name terms with some of the bouncers really helped matters as well!) But after so many lonely nights alone without that someone special it got pretty monotonous. So, when my friend Siobhán suggested that we visit Ireland’s finest nightclub one Valentine’s night a mere 5 years ago next year I jumped at the chance.

I don’t remember anything special about that night (apart from Cormac from Tallafornia being spotted in the bar upstairs) or even what I wore. I don’t remember what anyone looked like or what wonderful conversations Siobhán and I had (and I’m sure there were a few in the toilets before we hit the dance floor). I remember finding a chair and dragging myself onto it. I didn’t think that that small action would change the course of my life.

I remember turning to my left and seeing a nice young man with black spiky hair in a white t-shirt to my left. I remember him turning his whole body towards mine and introducing himself. “Hi I’m Ian” he said. I definitely swooned – my night was getting better!

Fast forward almost 5 years in February and we’ve just bought our first house together, and things are absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to start our future together. We’ve been through so much, such as him casually moving to Canada weeks after we first met, me moving to London for a year and him staying at home in Dublin, several arguments (one involving a shoe..) and I’m not lying when I say that he’s still my favourite person in the whole entire world. And I have Coppers to thank for that! Because of that we make time every year, usually February 14th (Valentine’s Day) to return to “our spot” to celebrate our anniversary. I can’t believe that Coppers is where my love story began! Thanks Coppers!”

Keith and Annelie


When they met: In 2012, on a “fine summers night”.

“I am originally from Cavan and decided to hit the big smoke with 3 of my mates. We actually booked to stay in the Jackson court hotel also. We headed from Virginia @ about 4pm and arrived in no time in your fine establishment. We had a few drinks in your bar and headed on our way to TempleBar where we drank our fill before going to coppers niteclub.

There I met my fiancé – Annelie Kavanagh – and life hasn’t been the same since. I seen her on the dancefloor throwing some shapes and decided the best approach was to tell her that her dancing routine was “the worst I had ever seen in my life”!! So we had a drink and a smooch before she told me she had to go to the smoking area and left me dancing with her friend who I now know as Michelle!! Well I was there for 10-15mins and no sign of this girl coming back so I took the hint and did the awkward “dance off the dancefloor” dance and met the lads again before calling it a night.

“I remembered I had taken her number so text her to make sure she was OK before conking out! Low and behold the next morning I had a text back and it started from there. So we met up every weekend for 1 year whether in Dublin or Virginia. We would stay every Sat & Sunday together before early wake up Monday and head to our places of work. So 1 year into the relationship we decided I would have to move to Dublin.

“We were granted our mortgage and moved to our new home exactly one year ago and I proposed in Gran Canaria the following month! We are due to nail a date in the next month or so and we could not be happier. Thank you for bringing the two of us together!”

Eimear and Ciaran


When they met: Back in October, 2011, while “having a smoke”.

“When I turned 26 I was ready to find ‘The One’. My Dearest Mother always told me “you’ll never find him in a nightclub and especially in that Copper Face Jack’s place!”. So out to prove her wrong and with a bit of luck on my side that’s exactly where I did find him!

“It was a Sunday night of the October bank holiday and I was out with the girls for one of their birthdays. Near the end of the night I was out having a smoke with one of the girls when I was approached by this tall handsome beau who asked me for a light. Naturally I obliged and we were so engrossed in conversation we never noticed all our friends leaving. Being both South siders we shared a taxi home, I was patiently waiting for him to ask for my number but when he still hadn’t by the time I got to my stop I was a little annoyed and rudely asked “well do you want my number or what?!” Of course he took it whether he wanted to or not!

The next morning depressed with my hangover, the thought of facing into another week of nights that night and the thought I’d never hear from my handsome beau again, I instantly perked up when I got a text from Ciaran (the handsome beau!) arranging a date for the following week. That week of nights was the easiest week I ever did by far!

We got married in 2013, with our table plan based on the clubs and pubs we dated in and of course the top table had to be Coppers!! We have a beautiful daughter who’s nearly 2 and another baby on the way in January. So Thank you Coppers for helping me meet ‘The One’ and more importantly thank you for helping me prove my Mother wrong!!”