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The 20 Best Irish Travel Instagrams To Follow Right Now


No matter what time of year it is in Ireland it’s normally cloudy and raining, but if you can’t hop on a plane yourself we’ve listed the best Instagrams to escape to.

From the City of Angels to the Big Apple and all the way down under, these top Instagrammers are filling the travel sized void in us all.

If you love a good Wanderlust then these are the best Instagrams to follow:

1. Anouska

USA road trip vlog now live! Grand Canyon, Colorado, Texas and New Orleans! Direct link in bio ?? #anouskatravels #usaroadtrip

A photo posted by Λ N O U S K Λ (@anouskapb) on

One of Ireland’s leading bloggers, where has Anouska Proetta Brandon NOT been the last six months?

Not only are her photos absolutely stunning, but the places she travels to are as well.

The Irish beauty has travelled almost everywhere, including Mexico, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, Australia, and Monaco.

The YouTuber not only has beautiful photos of her travels, but also vlogs on location and uploads almost daily to her website, anouska.net.

2. Daniella Moyles

Hiked through the night to sit on top of Bali’s highest point ?

A photo posted by @daniellamoyles on

Daniella Moyles’ day job is one of Spin 1038’s leading DJs, but she has the travel bug too.

The model shares gorgeous snaps of her travels to her Instagram.

From scenic views at the top of mountains to diving into clear blue oceans, her posts give us serious envy.

Not only are the locations she goes to amazing, but she often includes an OOTD whilst away to show us how she stays cool in hot climates like Bali and warm in the cold blustery winds whilst skiing in Norway.

3. Suzanne Jackson

Our last day ? ⛴⚓️ “Sue hold on to your hat” ? #royalcaribbean #harmonyofthesea #cruising #travel #suetravels

A photo posted by Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe™) (@sosueme_ie) on

One of Ireland’s top beauty and lifestyle bloggers, Suzanne Jackson has been travelling the world recently.

The brunette beauty has recently got back to Ireland from a luxury cruise with the Royal Caribbean where she travelled to Barcelona, Rome, and Mallorca.

The bride-to-be also shared some fab snaps of when her future hubby and she went to Thailand.

If you’re not already following her, you need to pronto as we feel there are going to be a lot more travel snaps to come!

4. The Daily S’elf

Iceland ???

A photo posted by Nadia El Ferdaoussi (@nadia_dailyself) on

Nadia El Ferdaoussi’s website, The Daily S’elf, is another one of the leading Irish travel blogs at the moment and it’s only getting bigger.

Travelling at least once a month, it’s rare the see a snap from Nadia in Ireland.

The blogger is currently in Iceland but was also in Ibiza and Barbados in only the last three weeks!

Her Instagrams always include beautiful scenery and how the locals live in the places she visits.

5. Where To Next Darling

The bag is nearly bigger than her! ?? Where to next darling…? CUBA ????✈ #travelblog #airport #airporttime #passport #travelling #irishtravelblog #cubanadventures #nextstop #wheretonextdarling

A photo posted by Where To Next Darling (@wheretonextdarling) on

Kate Kelly from Pure Irish Sugar has set up a travel Instagram with her beau, Darragh Rooney.

Only new on the scene, their adventures have already taken them to Cuba with more exotic holidays planned.

They like to keep things local, as well, having posted about a few Irish spots including Galway and Wexford.

We’re excited to see these two grow!

6. The Travel Two

From the busy streets of Taipei to the #ScottishHighlands. #TheTravelTwo reunited!

A photo posted by Daniella | Martin (@thetraveltwo) on

Another duo, these guys have already had their travels broadcasted on The Seven O’Clock show!

Daniella Moyles has joined up with her friend, Martin Gaughan, to show the rest of us just how beautiful our earth is.

The pair have travelled to Brazil, Tanzania, India and Australia just to name a very small few.

The Travel Two website was in production for a while, but has recently launched and it looks fab.

7. Terrie McEvoy

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. The most breath taking island I’ve ever seen! What an adventure ?☀️?????✈️ #elnido #philipines #adventure #wanderlust #travel

A photo posted by TerrieMcEvoy?? (@terriemcevoy) on

Terrie McEvoy started her Instagram in Ireland, but her love of travelling has brought her over to Sydney to settle down.

Since moving over, she has been to Bondi Beach and other stunning places around Australia.

The Irish beauty has been to so many places that we’ve only ever dreamed of going to, such as the Philliphines, Miami, and Bali.

Constantly with a tan, she makes us want to hop on a plane to a sunny spot and soak up those rays!

8. HauteSoFabulous

Rebecca O’Byrne’s blog, HauteSoFabulous, is one of Ireland’s most popular fashion and lifestyle blogs.

Not only that, but she has had the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most sought after holiday destinations.

From Texas to Ibiza to Paris, Rebecca is slowly ticking off the map of the world.

From her killer style to her lush travel spots, we’re edging closer and closer to booking a flight to a chic stay in Paris.

9. Retro Flame

Erika Fox is living the life in NYC, so if you lust after the Big Apple you need to get following.

The red-haired beauty moved over to New York and has been travelling all over North and South America.

The blogger has been all over the east coast including Miami and Coney Island but is now setting her sights on the west coast having just been in San Francisco.

Erika has recently given up her job to focus on her blogging, so we’re expecting a lot more travel snaps on her Insta!

10. Stone Travel 4

A busy mum, Corrina Stone’s blog, Stone Travel 4, makes sure her kids get to see the world.

Writing for Cherry Sue’s Doin The Do every Tuesday, Corrina tells her readers how they avoid nasty extra charges and the steps to getting your baby a passport.

Her Instagram is filled with adorable snaps with her family as they head to amusement parks and scenic views around the world.

Keeping it local, the mother-of-five has been all around Ireland and the UK showing parents just how easy travelling with kids can be!

11. Thunder and Threads

Laaaav the snaps from my shoot with @shoptunnelvision in LA last week ?✨

A photo posted by ♀ Leanne Woodfull (@leannewoodfull) on

Leanne Woodfull, from Thunder and Threads, has been plane hopping a lot these days!

The lifestyle blogger has just got back from a trip to L.A. and New York where she took pics of not only the fab sights, but hidden coves around the two popular cities as well.

Last summer, the Dubliner had an interrailing travel diaries series on her blog which included beautiful photos from Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague and all are, of course, on her Instagram.

12. The Make Up Fairy


A photo posted by J o a n n e L a r b y (@makeupfairypro) on

Joanne Larby, also known as The Make Up Fairy, is one of the biggest fashion and beauty bloggers out there right now.

She’s also prone to make us feel the holiday blues with her gorgeous travel snaps.

The make up artist was just in Ibiza and is currently down in West Cork.

Even though she’s still on the emerald isle, Joanne makes the Irish countryside look absolute stunning.

13. The Travel Expert

Lovin #sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge ?

A photo posted by The Travel Expert (@the_travel_expert) on

Sarah Slattery’s blog, The Travel Expert, is another one for those busy mums who love a break away every now and again.

Having been a travel agent for 24 years, she knows the ins and outs as well as the tips and tricks needed for anyone who wants to travel the world.

Sarah has been to the best spots for families, such as seeing Santa in Lapland, a colourful family cruise, and soaking up the sun in Croatia.

14. Love Lauren

Lauren Arthurs is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger who’s wonderful Instas of her travels give us green eyes.

Her blog, Love Lauren, shows not only her amazing fashion style but also the places she’s been to – such as Caledonia, Cyprus, and, a popular spot for travel bloggers, Ibiza.

Her sunshine snaps keep us in the summer mood year long, even when she’s only over in London – she manages to make a dreary English day gorge!

15. Penneys To Prada

A pretty nice view to wake up to! ? #travel #spain #murcia #pool #morning #sun #sunshine #summer #love #irishblogger #styleblogger #fashionblogger #penneystoprada

A photo posted by Emer (@penneystoprada) on

Penneys To Prada’s Emer is a fashion and beauty blogger, but her latest travel snaps on Instagram make us wonder if she’ll be adding a new category.

The blogger was recently in Spain, and has also shown us her travels around North Carolina and around Ireland.

Her Instagrams show off not only her fab style but also how gorgeous the places are that she’s travelled to.

16. Stephanie Ricci

Stephanie Ricci is one of the most well travelled Dubliners out there right now.

The travel blogger definitely has an itch to see the world, as she’s been to some very glam spots such as Barcelona, Monte-Carlo, Malta.

Her simplistic photos truly show off just how beautiful the places she travels to are.

17. Tar Mar


NYC is fun & all but I need a tan! Missing sweaty Thailand days & surreal islands with bae ? #mayabeach

A photo posted by Tar Mar (@tarmarz) on

Another Irish lass that has jetted over to live on sunnier pastures, Tar Mar is living a glamorous life in New York.

Originally a fashion blogger, she’s started writing more and more about her travels as well as snapping her journeys.

She’s mostly been to places around New York, such as a very luxurious stay in the Hamptons.

Tar Mar has also travelled to more exotic places like Chiang Mai and Phuket, making for some seriously beautiful photos for us to envy.

18. Fashion Aid

Eadaoin Burke from Fashion Aid knows how to make her followers jealous with her fab snaps.

The fashion blogger is currently in France, where she’s shooting plenty of photos for us to be envious of.

She’s also snapped some gorge shots of her fashion style on the island of Lanzarote this summer.

19. The Gap Year Guru

On top of the world ? #travelblogger #instatravel #travel #VisitScotland #Edinburgh #blogger

A photo posted by Jess Glynn (@the_gapyear_guru) on

Jess Glynn from The Gap Year Guru has taken snaps from the top of mountains in Scotland to below the earth in the subway of New York.

Her colourful photos show off just how gorgeous the simplest things in this world are.

She also includes a few amazing shots of her home city, Dublin.

20. The Whole World Is A Playground

If only we could go backwards to this moment.. #bagan #sunrise

A photo posted by Elaine & Dave (@thewholeworldisaplayground) on

Elaine and Dave from The Whole World Is A Playground have been travelling the world together as a couple.

The romantic duo aim to visit at leat 15 countries a year and have already been to Bagan, Kyoto, New York, and way, way more!

Their Instagrams are very modest, showcasing just the scenic views and the natural beauty of the places they’ve travelled to.

Their photos are something out of a Natural Geographic magazine!