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Ask Anna: Your lip fillers questions answered


Hi everyone,

I am delighted to officially be starting my brand new weekly column with Goss.ie. Where I will be answering all of your questions on skin care, cosmetic treatments and so much more.

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Question from a worried reader looking for much bigger lips:

Hi Anna,

I have been dying to get my lips done for so long but I just don’t know what to get or where to start. I literally have no lips, they’re so small and it makes me really self conscious. I don’t want to go too mad but I want to make sure it makes a difference. What’s the best way to start?

Also how much can it cost or does it depend?



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It can be a bit daunting choosing what type of Dermal filler to use for your lips and how much to have injected with so many brands being advertised.

Firstly, research your clinic and their practitioners experience that they have a medical background and have been providing injectable treatments for some time. For safety you should only choose FDA approved Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers to give you that reassurance that you are choosing the best available on the market.

Book your consultation so that your lip shape can be accessed, discuss what is involved in your procedure, type of filler to be used, amount of product required the and the volume you desire. If you want to start with 0.5cc and at you check up, you can decide to add more volume can be added at a later stage to gradually build as this will be your first time.

Most lip enhancements use 1cc between the top and bottom lip to achieve a natural volume. Cost will depend on type and amount of product used which ranges from €300-€400 which includes your consultation and checkup appointments at The Laser and Skin Clinic.

To Book your Dermal Filler Consultation you can visit any of our clinics: www.laserandskin.ie



Question from a Kylie Jenner lip lover:

Hey Anna,

I am like so obsessed with Kylie Jenner and I’ve wanted lips like hers for so long. I’ve finally plucked up the courage to get them done now but it is ever really possible to go as big and round as Kylie?

I know some people get implants so wasn’t sure if lip fillers can have the same affect.



Yes, you can achieve as much volume as Kylie Jenner but there are a few factors to consider in getting her look. Firstly, is the shape and volume of your lips and if similar to Kylie and what volume you will require to achieve your result.

The amount of filler used will depend on your own natural volume and then how much product be required to give you that Kylie effect.

Temporary Dermal Fillers involve an injection of a gel-like product containing Hyaluronic Acid to physically fill and plump out your lips. We promote the use of temporary fillers, as clients have the assurance that they will biodegrade over time and can be dissolved if they do not like their filler result. Personally I am not an advocate of permanent fillers or implants.

If permanent fillers are used, there is a risk that you will not like the result achieved and will not be able to reverse the effects of your treatment. While there are permanent fillers and implants available on the market, we do not use them at The Laser and Skin Clinic.

To Book your Dermal Filler Consultation you can visit any of our clinics: www.laserandskin.ie

Goss.ie headed to The Laser and Skin Clinic to test out Lip Fillers for ourselves:

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