Patagonia are donating 100% of their profits to charity this Black Friday

Dublin store make Black Friday green with great new initiative


Black Friday sales are in full swing – but if you’re feeling torn between wanting to snag a bargain and being a good citizen of the Earth then Patagonia have the solution.

Today Patagonia, on Wicklow Street in Dublin, are donating all of their profits in a bid to make Black Friday more ethical and good for the planet.

They are estimated to be donate over €2 million to local environmental organisations around Ireland.


Environment: Patagonia will be donating part of their Black Friday sales to grassroots charities | BBC

For customers who are interested in getting involved with their charities of choice, the store will also provide information on site and on their website about how to get in touch with these groups and easily be active in your own communities – on Black Friday and every day.

It’s unknown how much clothing is thrown away in Ireland every year but the average American disposes of 82 pounds of clothing every year which ends up in landfills adding to pollution.

With that in mind this is an absolutely fabulous way of making Black Friday green and we hope more of our favourite brands get on board and help to protect our planet.