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The 8 Best Snaps Miriam O’Callaghan Has Shared On James Kavanagh’s Snapchat


After James Kavanagh told Goss.ie he felt like he “lost a limb” when he handed over his Snapchat account to Miriam O’Callaghan – she’s actually been killing it.

Although she hasn’t done any of James’ infamous moves like getting someone to “present” themselves or randomly singing into the camera, she has had some gas moments already.

Miriam has the Snapchat account for just 24 hours, and so far we’ve met her dog, heard she’s going to strip off and she’s shown us her wardrobe.

Have a look at her best moments on Snapchat so far:

1. She Put Ray D’Arcy On Snapchat

image (57)

Okay well not exactly…

Just a few minutes into taking James’ account Miriam shared this photo.

We’re hoping to see some more real RTE stars over the next day.

2. She Brought Us Into Her RTE Wardrobe

image (62)

Not too sure why she used the bee emojis (getting Beyonce throwbacks) but either way we got a sneak peek into Miriam’s closet.

The very fashionable TV presenter shared a video walking into her gigantic wardrobe.

Shoes, dresses, skirts, tops, you name it.

3. She Showed Off Her Dress For Her Saturday Night Show

image (65)

This Saturday James will appear on Saturday Night With Miriam where he will talk about his obsession with Snapchat (hence this whole experiment).

While we’re all just DYING to know what James will be wearing on the show we won’t get to see his style until we tune in.

But thankfully we now know Miriam is wearing this glam dress.

4. We Got To See Her Shoes Too

image (60)

In all seriousness these shoes are gorgeous, we’re liking Miriam’s style choices so far.

The blonde also went for our favourite filter with this Snap video.

Miriam’s really getting the swing of things.

5. Eoghan McDermott Said She’d Strip Off

image (67)

Although this was clearly a joke – we couldn’t help but giggle at this one.

2FM host Eoghan McDermott greeted James’ thousands and thousands of followers telling them Miriam would be doing a special “nude” Snapchat later on.

We’re happy to report there has been no nudity so far (unlike James normally).

6. We Got To Meet Her Dog

image (59)

You’d have to have a heart made out of stone if you don’t love a dog with a hat… on Snapchat.

This is Miriam’s dog and clearly he loves the Motts.

We’ve a feeling Miriam’s kids may have taken this one…

7. Miriam Did The Dog On It

image (58)

Another great use of the filters we got to see Miriam as a puppy herself.

Clearly having fun messing around with the app Miriam followed in her dogs footsteps and striked a pose.

All while she was having her dinner (she’s some woman for one woman).

8. She Ended The Night With A Glass Of Vino

image (61)

One thing so far she’s done in common with James is have a drink.

Who knows where James is now, what he’s doing, what he’s drinking, who he’s singing too, but we can rest assured Miriam is having the lols.

To follow Miriam just check out @jamesksnaps.