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7 Ways To Do New York On A Budget – With WOW Air

We have the perfect budget guide to NYC

A trip to New York City is the dream.

You can walk around feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, spotting yellow cabs and staring up at the stunning sky scrapers – but not everyone can afford the trip of a lifetime.

So we’ve come up with the 7 best ways to do New York on a budget – thanks to WOW Air.

From free tourist activities to the tricks to keeping down your spending money, we’ve thought of it all.

Take a look:

1. Fly WOW Air

Now this is the first, and this is the easiest part of this plan.

WOW Air is the best budget airline for transatlantic flights, and if you’re looking to do NYC on the cheap, there’s no better way.

You can get a flight from Dublin to Newark Airport (which is much hanider than landing in JFK).

You stop in Reykjavik, Iceland on route, for a very short time before heading straight to NYC.

Book your flights right HERE.

2. AirBnB

This is the golden rule for traveling around most of the states, but makes things particularly easier in NYC.

Instead of booking a pricey hotel, you can opt for a chic loft, a funky apartment on the East Village or go all fancy and go for a designer apartment on the Upper East Side.

Check out some cool options on airbnb.com.

3. Take The Staten Island Ferry

There are tonnes of boat tours you can get in NYC, but if you’re on a budget, take the FREE Staten Island Ferry.


On route you’ll get stunning views of the the skyline, plus the perfect views of the Statue Of Liberty.

Once you land on Staten Island you can walk on the next ferry and come straight back.

Check out siferry.com

4. Buy Yourself A Subway Ticket

Getting around NYC can be very pricey, especially in cabs and although the Uber system there is great, if you get stuck in traffic you will be charged a serious amount.


The best way to get to know the city, and to keep costs down, is to use their best transportation system – the Subway.

See the Subway map right HERE.

5. Head To Central Park

One of the biggest tourist attractions in NYC is completely free.

At over 2 miles long you can spend hours walking around Central Park, sitting down with a picnic, reading a book or just people watching.

You can rent boats or bikes to enjoy the scenery too.

It’s pretty beautiful at night time.

6. Have Lunch At A Hot Dog Cart

You can’t have a real New York experience without having a real New York hot dog.

For around $1 you can get a yummy hot dog from a cart on the street, and it will keep you well fueled.

7. Head To Starbucks For WiFi

The one thing you want to save on your trip to the U.S. is your phone bill.

We all love to Snap, Insta, Tweet and Facebook our travels. The roaming rates in the USA can be massive, so make sure to save up your posts and share them once you’re in a WiFi zone.

There’s pretty much a Starbucks on every single corner, and it’s a good excuse for a coffee break.

Check the highlights of our trip with WOW Air, right here:

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