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The 5 Glamping Products You NEED This Festival Season

The best part of summer are the brilliant festivals going on, from Body & Soul to Electric Picnic.

At festivals, we can let our hair down and splatter glitter on every part of our body while being one with nature in a damp field…but it’s hard to stay glam.

Not to worry have you sorted to stay looking as fresh and fab as possible.

Here’s what you’ll need to bring:

1. Wet Ones ‘Be Zingy’ Wipes


Camping at festivals is the best craic, but the one downside has to be how dirty they can be.

To keep yourself feeling somewhat clean, Wet Ones ‘Be Zingy’ are the handiest wipes for your fanny pack.

The anti-bacterial wipes not only fight away germs, but leave a fresh scent to keep you on that happy hippy buzz.

Pick up a pack at Boots for €1.79!


2. Batiste Wild Party Trio Dry Shampoo


On day one of a festival, our hair definitely looks it best.

From sleek pony tails to bouncy curls, we’ve all tried that effortless boho chic that so popular every summer.

But by day three, our hair can look a bit limp and lifeless.

Batiste is the number one dry shampoo brand out there, with so many delicious scents out there.

Their trio pack of dry shampoo is just the thing a tent full of girls need for a glamping weekend to add a bit more oomph to their locks.

Snag it at Boots for €6.59.


3. Penneys’ PS Love Your Smile Travel Toothbrush Kit


Nothing like strolling back to your tent after a long night of dancing in a field to find your toothbrush trampled into the ground, covered in grass and lord knows what else.

Ireland’s favourite shop, Penneys, have the perfect toothbrush kit for any festival goers.

The toothbrush can be folded in half with a built in bristle protector as well as toothpaste.

Best part; it’s only €1.50.

Get down to Penneys before they fly out!


4. Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant 35ml


The key to a good festival experience is to pack as lightly as possible.

Bringing a few smalls bits, like mini toothpaste and even cheeky make-up samples, can help ease up your backpack weighing you down into the mud.

A mini deodorant, like Nivea’s Pearl and Beauty, is the handiest thing to bring.

You’ll stay fresh and it won’t be taking up half the room in your make-up bag.

Pick one up from McCabes Pharmacy for €1.60.


5. Hylo-Forte Eye Solution


After even one night of boogieing, our eyes can barely stay open.

It’s worse for people who wear contacts, who’s eyes would dry out twice as normal as any other person.

At a festival, you don’t want to be rubbing or touching your dry eyes too much just in case you manage to get some dirt in there.

To save your eyes from going raw, get some Hylo-Forte Eye Solution.

Perfect for relieving any dryness in your eyes, it’s also safe for contact wearers.

You can get get it from any pharmacy, like Lloyds Pharmacy, for €12.35.


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