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13 Reasons Why You NEED To Watch 13 Reasons Why On Netflix


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know new show 13 Reasons Why has become the new must-watch binge TV show on Netflix.

Following the death of student Hannah Baker, a group of students are dealing with the after math of her suicide after she leaves 13 tapes detailing why she killed herself.

From dealing with rape culture in school to the portraying the real affects of bullying, here’s 13 reasons why you need to watch it.

1. It’s Addictive

You probably thought this already, but you won’t be able to close your laptop once you get this show started.

It’s a sad tale filled with mystery, so you’ll keep wanting to listen.

Viewers get to hear Hannah’s tapes for the first time, along with the lead character Clay, following the same twists and turns and feeling just as anxious to find out the truth.

2. It Captures Teen Angst Perfectly

Crying in the shower, refusing to talk to your parents, storming out the door…you’ll get a bit of this in every single episode.

Whether you’re a teenager now or your looking back, the emotions the main characters go through are a perfect representation of teenage angst.

Unlike other shows, this series goes behind the emotion and shows the viewers what’s really going on.

3. It’s Portrayal Of School Bullying Is So Accurate

If you’ve ever been bullied or you watched bullying happen, then this show will hit you incredibly hard.


Unlike other shows or even movies that have dealt with the topic, 13 Reasons Why shows how small actions can have a huge affect on teenagers, with a few mentions of the ‘butterfly affect’, Hannah explains how one small act can have a ripple affect for the rest of your life.

It’s the small things that can cause the worse problems in this show, and that’s the reality of how victims of bullying feel.

The series shows the affects of isolation in school, how rumours can damage a reputation, and much more.


4. It Deals With Slut Shaming

There are so many ways 13 Reasons Why deal with serious issues facing young people in modern society today, and slut shaming is one of them.

Hannah sees her reputation torn to shreds over a rumour, and the blame is only on her.

No guy/man gets the same treatment, and the slut shaming kick starts a series of harassments she has to deal with.


5. It Will Make You Really Want A Walk Man

For those of you that don’t know what a Walk Man is (sigh, we’re old), it’s a tape player.

In the series Hannah leaves 13 Tapes, not 13 voice memos, not 13 Snapchats, but 13 tapes everyone who caused her harm has to listen to.

She mainly does this to make the task a difficult one (where would you even find a Walk Man), but our main character Clay finds one and has it on him at all times.


Brought back a few memories…

6. It Deals With Rape Culture Perfectly

So many shows and movies have tip toed around the idea of rape culture in high school and university – but this show absolutely nailed it.

Without giving away too much of a spoiler, one of the main characters turns out to be a rapist, although most girls don’t even realise that’s what he really is.

There are some very tough scenes throughout the series, where young girls are raped, frozen and unable to help themselves.


The question of consent is brought up a lot in this show, and this reason alone is enough to watch the entire series.

7. It Shows Bad Home Lives

Not everyone lives the perfect life, even if you’re the head cheer leader or the best jock, everyone has secrets.

The series deals with the hardship of day to day life in school, but also what goes on back at home. From abusive parents to strict expectations, the show reminds you that everyone has something going home.


8. Selena Gomez Is An Executive Producer

For the first time Selena Gomez has stepped back from the microphone and gone behind the camera for this show.

The project was brought to the former Disney star 7 years ago, originally with her starring in the show, her mother Mandy Teefey is also an executive producer and Selena was extremely hands on.

The cast recently told our sister site LAgoss.com that they loved working with her.

9.The Soundtrack Is Awesome

Aside from the tough watching, mystery solving and intense dilemmas, the music is also a highlight.


The Night We Met is one that plays in a few episodes, and will become a part of your iTunes library very quickly.

10. It Deals With Peer Pressure

From doing drugs to drinking too much to having sex too young, all the pressures you dealt with in school will come rushing back.

Once again the protagonist Clay walks us through day-to-day life in high school, and tries to stay on the straight and narrows as his fellow students throw more parties.


11. It Portrays The Reality Of Being A Rape Victim

Without spoiling the show again, another lead character becomes a rape victim, and her spiral into despair is perfectly captured.

The team behind the show made sure they dealt with each topic in the most honest way, and their portrayal of a rape and how the rape victim deals with her life afterwards is tough to watch but very accurate.

Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica in the show recently told LAgoss.com what it was like to portray a rape victim.


12. There Is A Very Graphic Suicide Scene

This is both a bad and a good thing.

The series is based on a book, and in the book we never find out how Hannah kills herself, but in the show we see it step by step.

While there is concern that this scene could be a trigger for suicide, producers and writers of the show wanted to capture how painful and gruesome suicide really is.

It may be the toughest scene you will ever watch but it shows how sore and lonely and un romantic suicide really is.

13. It Will Save Lives

Whether it makes young really question what consent really is, or it makes bullies question what they’re doing or it stops depressed teenagers from taking their own life, there are so many ways this show can help people.

It shows anyone going through a tough time that they are not alone, and that the real tragedy is leaving the people you love (who you don’t think love you enough) behind.

If Hannah had realised how much people cared, how her parents lives would be destroyed, maybe she wouldn’t have made the decision she did.

Your life can always get better, just talk to someone.

If you’re going through a tough time, check out: Pieta House or The Samaritans.