The 10 People You Will Most DEFINITELY Meet on New Year’s Eve

You can't go out on NYE without meeting The Drunk Crier


New Year’s Eve is usually the craziest of the entire year, and 2016 has been a pretty crazy year.

One of the best parts of New Year’s Eve (other than preparing for a fresh start) is the big party.

Every single person in the country dons their glitziest attire, and drinks FAR too much champagne.

You are bound to see everyone you’ve ever met, seen, or known. But despite there being so many people, you’ll swiftly come to realise that they all fall into one of 10 categories.

1. The Drunk Crier


“Why is everyone else moving forward in life except me? This year has been so difficult for me, like, why is it so hard?” she says in between drunken sobs.

This lady has had one too many gin and tonics, but not enough to send herself home to bed.

Every single woe of the year will come to fruition on this night, and she will cry and cry until she forgets about them.

2. The One Who Won’t Make It To Midnight


We’ve all been there. The champagne tastes great, you’re seeing loads of friends you’ve not seen in ages, and you get just a little bit too excited.

This person starts to predrink at 6.30pm and then wonders “how did I not make the countdown?”


Ah well, at least there’s no stress of having to find somebody to kiss.

3. The Overly Affectionate Couple


Three words: Get. A. Room.

There’s always that one couple that just can’t keep their hands off each other until they get home.

I suppose, the promise of a new year does make people all romantic and cute, but not in front of me please.

4. The “New Year, New Me” Preacher


“I’m seriously joining the gym this year – no really. Also, I’m off the drink and I’m only going to eat 1,500 calories every day. No more chocolate for me and I am OK with that.”


This person won’t stop talking about their big ‘plans’ for the new year all night long.

No one cares Susan.

5. The Eager Gal


There’s always that one girl who stands at the bar, sipping her Smirnoff Ice through a straw, and scans the pub for her prey.

She just cannot go through this night without finding a fine man to kiss at midnight.


Her friends don’t even bat an eye because they’re used to it. Fair play to her though – she is persistent.

6. The Glitter Advocate


We all know a person like this, the person that takes New Year’s Eve glitter theme to a whole new level.

She wears a glittery dress, glittery shoes, glittery earrings, and – you guessed it – glittery eyeshadow.


She’s much too enthusiastic for a cynical, non-glitter, all black clothes wearing girl like you.

7. The Unsociable Snapchatter


The person that’s too busy trying to get a perfect photo for their ‘story’ to actually have any fun.

They spend their night with their head in a down position staring at their phone – that’s no way to live.


Hopefully when they get too drunk later, they’ll lose the phone and gain some perspective for the new year.

8. The Complainer


“This year was so bad, what’s next year going to be like? I just want to go home. Why am I even here?”

The person no one wants to get stuck chatting to at the party, is the complainer.


Try to steer clear of them, you want to start the new year on a positive note, not in a glass case of emotions caused by something that the complainer said.

9. The One Who’s Seen Too Many Movies


This person expects every New Year’s Eve to be an excellent adventure.

They’ve watched Love Actually, New Year’s Eve and When Harry Met Sally one too many times.

They spend the night floating around the party just waiting for Prince Charming to ride in on his motorcycle and whisk her off.

10. The One That Stays At Home


This person has the right idea. You won’t actually meet them on NYE, because they’ll be cosy on their sofa drinking wine with a few close friends.

Taking a break from the over-packed pubs and streets, this person knows that the best way to ring in the new year is by quietly judging everyone in the over-packed pubs and streets.

This person also realises that it’s better to wake up in your bed on the 1st of January, rather than in a bush somewhere after a crazy night out.