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10 Great Christmas Gifts For New Mums

When it comes to new mums at Christmas time, it’s very easy to spend all your dosh buying presents for their new baby – but Mmums deserve lots of nice treats too.

Whether it’s chocolate to keep them sweet, skin care to keep them looking fresh or just a nice treat, we’ve got everything you need.

Here’s our gift guide for the fantastic new mum in your life.

Take a look:



Dark, milk or white there’s nothing like a nice piece of chocolate after a long day.

Treat the new mum in your life to a box of Butler’s best or Christmas fave Roses.

And let’s be honest, we all love a good Milk Tray…

Skin Care Products


Pregnancy and motherhood can take a lot out of you, and it can weigh heavily on your skin.

A lovely skin care package will delight any new mum – especially when they want to get rid of those big bags under their eyes.

Vitamin E body lotions are great for reducing redness in stretch marks while eye gels are fantastic for getting rid of the signs of tiredness.



We all love to get glam now and then, and new mums are new different.

When nappies and Farley’s Rusks are at the top of all your shopping lists luxuries like cosmetics are often your last priority or fall off the list altogether.

Gift some girlishness this festive season watch the Hot Momma be unleashed – check out our Gossmas Guide for Beauty Products right HERE.



A manicure is one of the ultimate feel good girly treats and who deserves it more than a busy mammy?

While a manicure would have once been ruined almost instantly as a mother now with Shellac it should withstand all that life throws at you.

There’s a tonne of great nail salons around, in Dublin we’re a big fan of Michele B Nails in Dundrum village.

Scented Candles


There’s nothing like a scented candle to help calm you after a stressful day and new Mums have a lot of them.

Give their ‘me time’ a little something extra with some soothing lavender or a holiday kick with gingerbread and cinnamon.

Whether while relaxing in the tub or with a good book scented candles are always a winner – Jo Malone is always a good choice.

Bath Bombs


On these cold winter nights there’s nothing quite like a long soak in the tub.

Why not jazz up the experience with an amazing bath bomb full of essential oils and fizzy fun.

After being on their feet all day this will be the perfect ending to any day for the new Mum in your life.

Blow Out


When your morning gets taken over by trying to find the other sock and last minute baby grow changes, chances are your hair style is the last thing on your mind.

Give a mum the gift of gorgeous locks with a fabulous blow dry.

Check out our list of the best salons this month right HERE.



There’s nothing to take the stress off like a long massage.

Great for getting rid of tense muscles it’s a must for any new mum, and we all need one now and then to be honest.

There are some fantastic spas and beauty salons around with great offers.



It doesn’t need to be Chanel but a handbag is a great treat for a any new mum.

When your used to lugging a baby bag full of bottles and baby wipes a shiny, new bag just for you to put your purse and lipgloss in is magical.

When in doubt head to Penneys, they have some fantastic hand bags in store right now.

Shopping Voucher


New mums are guilty of spending all they dosh on their new baby – which obviously makes sense, but this Christmas give them the opportunity to treat themselves.

Shopping Centres all over the country do their own vouchers, and All-4-One vouchers are the perfect way to give some serious shopping options.

Penneys just announced they have joined All-4-One as well, so what are you waiting for?


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