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10 Cute Christmas Decorations To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

With the Christmas lights officially turned on around the country – it’s time to start decorating at home.

It’s easy to get into the festive spirit without completely emptying your pockets, and we’ve put together a list of cute decorations that will have you feeling festive in no time.

These picks are especially for those who want to add an extra special  touch to their festive decor.

Take a look:

1. Oval Frame Decoration

christmas decoration

Christmas time is all about family and friends and what better way to remember all the fun times over the past year than to hang them on your tree!

Also perfect as an alternative Christmas present these frames are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your decor.

Available in a variety of style from Debenhams for 7.50

2. Gold Glitter Fairy 


The 90s kid in me saw this cute gold, glitter fairy and was immediately reminded of Britney Spears first album and making several attempts to draw the fairy from the album art.

Adorable hung from a tree, mantle piece or window, this decoration adds a sweet girly touch to the festive season.

Available from Dunnes for 3

3. Mini Pink Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Perfect for a small space this Disney Princess tree takes the traditional Christmas tree and gives it the pink treatment.

Ideal for the girl who loves all things pink or all this princess, it was made for dancing around while you sing “All I want for Christmas is you” in your hair brush.

Available at the teeny price of 1.50 from Dealz

4. Winged Heart Decoration



A new take on the traditional angel this Gisela Graham Winged Heart is definitely something different.

With shimmer and sparkle it’s incredibly feminine just right for those who love glamour and gold.

Available from Arnotts for 5.95

5, Christmas Fox



Now for something completely adorable, this fox is bound to cheer up any room with his cheery face and kicky scarf.

A great Christmas addition, especially if you’ve no room for a tree, stick this little guy anywhere and let him turn your room into a winter forest wonderland.

Also available from Arnotts for 19.95

6, Harry Potter Baubles

harry potter


If you’ve ever dreamed about spending Christmas at Hogwarts you now have the chance to be one step closer.

These decorations will be right up the alley of any Harry Potter fan and will definitely make your decor stand out from the crowd.

Available from Penneys for 4

7. Glitter Bulbs



If you like your decorations a little less traditional and a little more post modern these glitter bulbs are just for you.

This cute and colourful decorations are perfect not just for the holidays but can be hung in your room all year long for as a fun, quirky addition.

Also from Penneys these bulbs are 3

8. Advent Calendar


Taking treat yourself to the next level get a surprise you know you’ll love with a fillable advent calendar.

Stick in your favourite sweets and make up pieces or fill one for a friend as a fun, festive gift these calendars are a wonderful start to the Christmas season.

Available from Tiger for 10

9. Santa Post Box


Worried Santa won’t find your letter buried under the millions of others, fear not!

Now with your own personal Santa mail system you can be sure he will find your Christmas wish list.

Also from Tiger for only 3

10. Ballet Slippers


If your Christmas isn’t complete without seeing the Nutcracker then these ballet slippers need to be hanging on your tree.

Soft and fairytale these decorations will have you dreaming of sugar plum fairies.

Available from Brown Thomas for 10



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