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The Best things to Watch on TV For Paddy’s Day

We've selected our top picks


With social distancing underway, parties and parades are cancelled for this year’s Paddy’s Day.

Don’t worry though, today you can escape into TV land and enjoy the celebrations virtualy.

To help, we’ve compiled a TV guide with the best things to watch for Paddy’s Day 2020:


10.00- Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

To get you into the Paddy’s Day spirit, this programme shares readings from St. Patrick himself, sacred music and historical sites.

12.00- Madagascar

For the many of us who find comfort in kids films, this is an animated comedy about animals who escape from the zoo and head to Africa.

This is sure to put a smile on your face.

15.35- Oz the Great and Powerful

Escape into fantasy with this adventure film.

Starring the amazing Mila Kunis and James Franco, a circus illusionist is transported to a magical land where he is mistaken for a powerful wizard.

As you can probably guess, it’s a prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

19.00- Guth Vibrations

This show follows four people – an influencer, a podcaster, a rapper and a writer, who try to make their voice heard in their own way.

This is the perfect distraction from social-distancing.

20.30- Home of the Year

The best of Irish interior inspiration.

Expert judges visit a restored lighthouse in East Cork, a re-modelled home in Co Antrim and a cottage in Dublin as they hunt for Home of the Year 2020.

21.30- Rosie


Film Poster

This is a fantastic film written by Ireland’s much loved Roddy Doyle.

In this drama, a mother tries to protect her family after their landlord sells the house they were renting, leaving them homeless.

This is very relatable with the housing crises and definitely not to be missed!



19.00- Wild Cities

If you like documentaries (or even just animals), you’ll love this.

It follows the animals that live in Ireland’s cities, largely unnoticed by residents.

21.00- Pulling with My Parents



The families of singletons help them find potential partners.

Entertaining, cringe-worthy and funny, what more could you want?

22.00- Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week

It’s interrogation week and the recruits are held captive by the enemy party. They are then buried alive and are marched up a mountain with weights against the clock.

No pressure then…


Virgin Media One

19.30- Dr Ranj: On Call


Instagram – Dr Ranj

Everyone loves Dr Ranj, right?

Here, he offers advice on how to spot, treat and deal with some of the most common illnesses and accidents.


21.00- Long Lost Family

An all-time favourite, witness people become reunited with long-lost relatives.

Emotional yet feel-good, exactly what is needed.

22.00- The Tonight Show

Matt Cooper and Ivan Yates give their take on the day’s stories with a panel of guests from the worlds of politics, comedy and sport.


Virgin Media Two

20.00- Gino’s Italian Escape

Pretend your on your holiday with Gino as he travels across his homeland, visiting doctors, making cheesecake and racing on top of roofs. Heaven!

21.00 Livin’ with Lucy

Lucy Kennedy spends 48 hours living with the one and only Christy Dignam.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

22.00- The Gardai: Policing Paddy’s

Follow the Gardai as they prepare for the mayhem that is (usually) Paddy’s Day.



15.45- Money For Nothing

If your up to DIY work while self-isolating then this is the show for you.

We witness a blacksmith revamping metal beds and an upholsterer redesigning an old armchair.

Cheap and cheerful inspiration!

17.15- Pointless



Quiz in which celebrities try to give the least obvious correct answers to questions.

Presented by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman, expect some laughs.

23.15- Beauty Laid Bare

Investigating America’s beauty industry, we discover the potentially harmful effects some products can have on health.

This is a very interesting one for all you makeup lovers


Channel 4

20.00- The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer



Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, former EastEnder Patsy Palmer, The Inbetweeners star James Buckley and TV personality Scarlett Moffatt battle it out in this culinary challenge.

Bonus: it’s a special episode for Stand up to Cancer.

Sky Arts

21.00- U2 Experience – Live in Berlin



Still disappointed you can’t boogie that night away?

Well, turn your living room into a personal venue and dance along to the final night of U2’s Experience and Innocence tour.

22.30- Bainne

During the Great Famine in Ireland, a grieving farmhand encounters a ghostly thief. Starring the superb Will Poulte.

This superb supernatural drama is perfect for the Paddy’s Day theme.

22.50- Psychic

A short drama, directed by and starring our favourite Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, with his sons Brian and Domhnall Gleeson.

Here, A washed-up psychic is forced out of retirement by his conniving sons and made to go on tour.