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The best moments from this year’s I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here

The King or Queen of the Castle will be crowned on Friday

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The final of I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here airs on Friday, December 4.

With just three campmates remaining, viewers will vote for their King or Queen of the Castle, choosing between Jordan North, Giovanna Fletcher, and Vernon Kay.

Ahead of the final, we have rounded up some of the best moments from the series so far.

Jordan North’s dramatic entrance

Radio DJ Jordan North has come a long way since entering the show, facing his biggest fears and even becoming camp leader.

When he first entered the show, the 30-year-old had to abseil down a cliff to meet his fellow campmates, leaving Jordan worse for wear.

The York native was left physically sick ahead of the challenge, admitting: “I can’t believe I was sick, I’ve only been here 5 minutes and I’m puking up already.”

Jordan North’s ‘Happy Place’

After not getting off to a great start in camp, viewers rewarded Jordan by continuously voting for him to partake in a number of Bushtucker trials to face more fears.

Jordan admitted snakes were one of his biggest fears, and he was put to the ultimate test in ‘The Viper Vault’.

Ant and Dec watched on unable to contain their laughter as the star continues to comfort himself by saying, “Happy place, happy place,” in an iconic scene.

‘Frights Of The Round Table’ eating trial

Vernon Kay, Beverley Callard and Jordan North all took part in the first eating trial of the season, and it did not disappoint.

TV presenter Vernon was horrified after unveiling his first meal, deer’s testicles.

“Oh it’s not even warm,” he said, as he picked up his “chosen testicle”, which he struggled to keep down.

Russell Watson convinces campmates he’s seen a ghost

Russell Watson and Ruthie Henshall undertook a series of secret challenges upon entering the castle, as they tried to win luxury items for their campmates.

Classical singer Russell was given the task of convincing his campmates he had seen a ghost, and he gave a convincing performance.

The campmates appeared obviously worried by Russell’s “ghostly” encounter, as the star screamed loudly in fake panic.

Mo Farah’s first solo Bushtucker trial

Despite his usual quiet demeaner, Mo Farah has been one of the loudest screamers on the series.

In his first solo Bushtucker trail, the Olympian had Ant and Dec is hysterics, as he screamed throughout the trial.

Mo screamed as he put his hand inside a hole filled with slime, and was pushed to the ground by a disgusting amount of offal.

Ruthie Henshall’s royal encounter

Ruthie Henshall revealed ALL about her previous romance with Prince Edward, who she dated on-and-off for about five years in the 1990s.

Speaking to Shane Richie, Ruthie joked: “You performed in Buckingham Palace, you sang in the gardens, I shagged in the bedrooms!”

She added: “Lovely bloke.  And I genuinely fell in love with him.”

Beverley Callard accidentally insults Vernon Kay

From 2013-2014, Vernon Kay hosted an ITV series called Splash! – which saw fifteen celebrities learn how to dive before performing in front of a panel of judges, and viewers at home.

As the celebrities chatted around the fire, the conversation turned to Splash, and Beverley said she thought it was a stupid programme.

The celebrities reminded a mortified Beverley that Vernon used to present it, and she said: “Oh no, I’m so sorry, Vernon, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

Speaking in the Telegraph, Beverley said: “I wanted to curl up and die, poor Vernon. I’m notorious for putting my foot in it, and I really did there.”

Shane Richie faces 200 spiders 

EastEnders star Shane Richie faced a terrifying challenge along with 200 spiders, as he tried to win meals for camp.

“How many?!” Shane screamed, before telling Dec: “You don’t have to keep reminding me.”

Beverley Callard’s raving review of her husband

After Coronation Street star Beverley opened up about her ten-year marriage to Jon McEwan, the unsuspecting husband earned a new nickname.

“He is a mega shag, that’s what I call him,” Beverley revealed to her campmates, with Ant and Dec then starting a hilarious viral trend.

Following the actress’ revelation, the duo urged viewers to get the hashtag #MegaShag trending on Twitter, which they did.

Jessica and Shane’s vile drinking challenge

‘Sickening Stalls’ forced Jessica Plummer and Shane Richie to drink 6 vile concoctions each, in order to win meals for camp.

The drinks included blended fermented duck eggs, blended fish eyes, blended pig’s vagina, and more.

After lots of gagging and fears they may be sick, Shane and Jessica managed to win 12 stars for camp, but Jessica was unable to enjoy her meal that evening, heading to bed earlier as she still felt unwell.

Giovanna Fletcher flings fish guts at Vernon Kay 

In another gruesome Bushtucker trial, Vernon Kay wore an open bucket on his head, which Giovanna Fletcher had to fling fish guts and other vile substances into.

Once Vernon’s bucket was full, he had to pour it into a marked container, filling it up to the yellow lines to win stars.

The Castle Inn

After weeks of vile food and gruelling challenges, the celebs were finally rewarded for all their hard work.

The campmates enjoyed pub grub and pints in the Castle Inn, before cracking into some karaoke and dance moves.

Celebrity Cyclone

Ahead of this Friday’s final, Vernon Kay, Giovanna Fletcher, Shane Richie and Jordan North took on one of the show’s most beloved trials – ‘The Celebrity Cyclone’.

Despite the change of location this year, the highly anticipated trial went ahead on the grounds of Grwych Castle in Wales –  and it didn’t disappoint!

The final of I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.