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Spotlight On: Character creation MUA Marcella O’Meara

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Marcella O’Meara’s makeup work has always veered on the artistic and sometimes macabre side of glamour – but the focus of his recent looks has been character creation.

In recent weeks, the 25-year-old has worked to sculpt himself into some of Ireland’s leading influencers and media figures, including Roz Purcell, Sarah Godfrey, Panti Bliss and Davina Devine.

He has also recreated celebs such as Taylor Swift and Jeffree Star.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Marcella O’Meara, I’m 25 and from Dublin. I’ve always been obsessed with art. When I was younger I’d always steal my dads newspaper and draw lip stick and brows on any face I could find. Art has always been a hobby of mine. I just happened to fall into the medium of makeup from a friend of mine who used let me borrow their makeup. I would hide in my room and just play around. I then just built up my kit slowly throughout the years.

How long have you been a makeup artist? Are you self-trained?

Iv’e been playing with makeup for about 4 years now, I did a makeup course last year but that was more so to build a portfolio. So yes I would like to say I’m self trained. I had a great teacher there though, who motivated me and really believed in all of my ideas, which were very outside the box. She gave me a lot of confidence which I was lacking a bit.

What were your first experiences with makeup like?

I used to watch my friend (who was a drag queen) get ready before work and I was fascinated how you could completely change your face with just makeup.

He used to give me old products and brushes of his and I would then go home, hide in my room and slap something on. I thought I was gorge, but looking back it was woeful.

What made you want to start sharing your make up looks online?

I just wanted my Instagram to be different. I was sick of seeing the same pictures on my feed. So I decided to make my Instagram my online portfolio. I love when people give me feedback and seeing people’s reactions, I find it so motivating.

How did you become interested in character creation makeup? What draws you to it?

I just find character creation a lot more fun rather then doing just normal glam makeup. I feel like there’s only so many eye looks one can do, whereas character creation there’s so many you can choose from. I also have really hooded lids so the only way for makeup to suit me is if I go that more dramatic.


Can you tell us about your current work recreating Irish influencers? 

I just woke up one day and thought about it. I found an old wig my mum bought for a fancy dress party, I tried it on and I thought.. this is giving me very Panti Bliss vibes. I recreated her look and then people started saying try this person or this etc. I also find it very heartwarming how so many people have helped me out with looks by lending me certain things such as wigs outfits or breast plates etc. It’s made me really appreciative of the community and how generous people can be.

How do you choose who to recreate through makeup?

The absolute main thing is that I have a wig that matches the character I’m portraying. I feel like a wig frames the face and makes the character come to life. I also go for people that have distinctive features, so I can enhance those features onto my own face.


Where do your makeup inspirations and influences come from?

Instagram would be where I get most of my inspiration from, Alexis stone and PhiPhi O’Hara are two incredible artists who do the same type of character recreation. So I love to examine the techniques they use to portray theirs and apply it to my own art.

Do you have any advice for beauty content creators?

Keep the content consistent, but only do it if your determined because it takes a lot of work, time and energy to try think of and prepare different looks each week. It sounds easy, but it is a lot harder then you think.

You can check out Marcella’s make up transformations HERE.