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Refine Clinic – Dublin’s leading Aesthetic & General Practice clinic

From the perfect lips to anti-ageing treatments


Whether you want the perfect glow or a brand new look- Refine Clinic is the place to go.

Refine Clinic is an Aesthetic Clinic & General Practice located at 34 Fitzwilliam St Upper, Dublin 2.

They provide a wide range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments which are conducted by their Irish Medical Council registered doctor, Dr. Natalia Bratu.

Some of their most popular treatments include Lip Fillers, Cheek Fillers, The PRP Vampire Facelift and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments for men & women.

They also offer a full GP service with Dr. Natalia Bratu, who has particular expertise/experience in Men & Women’s Sexual health issues, skin issues (dermatology) and sports medicine (injury assessment and prevention).

The top dermatology treatment is the very successful treatment with cryotherapy for the removal of warts, moles, warts, verruca, skin tags, keloids, and  damage in the form of actinic keratosis (reddish rough textured growth caused by the sun).

Here’s some of the amazing packages you can avail of:

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Here are some of the top aesthetic medicine services available at Refine Clinic. Click here to sign up,  Refine Clinic Newsletter

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments.

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments : Anti-Wrinkle Treatments are so popular amongst women AND men in Ireland.

Some men want to slow down the process and keep that strength in their jawline or around their eyes. Because these injections are effective for stress (frown) lines, it is a popular treatment with many businessmen who want to look more refreshed and approachable.

Botox is a naturally occurring protein that causes the muscles of the face to relax, consequently smoothing out wrinkles.

It is injected into the muscles of the face and works by blocking the nerves that contract the muscles, and as a result softening the appearance of the line or wrinkle.

Special Offer 10th June – 28th June. 3 Areas for the Price of 2. Total Price €240!

Lip,  Cheek, Face and Décolletage Fillers

Dermal Fillers:  Dermal Fillers are increasingly becoming more popular as a way to fight the signs of aging. Has the skin on your face lost its firmness and fullness? Do you have deep wrinkles, or a facial scar? If so, a dermal filler treatment may be the solution. It is the perfect way to correct some imperfections without having plastic surgery. This is achieved by replacing the lost hyaluronic acid and collagen that deteriorates over the years.

Refine Clinic uses a synthetically produced hyaluronic acid as a filling agent for various part s of the face to smooth out wrinkles, folds, scars or blemishes to give your lips and face a younger, refreshed and more plumped appearance.  The clinic has a variety of these available, and Dr Bratu will advise you on what’s best for you and the area to be treated.

Lip fillers are the perfect way to enhance your smile, and give  the younger woman those the full luscious lips you desire  or replace lost volume for the aging lip.

Cheek fillers have the power to rejuvenate the skin and help make you look younger, more refreshed and elegant. It’s a procedure that gives more definition to the cheekbones and restores volume to tired looking skin.

Special Offer

Restylane Lip Fillers €250 per 1ML.

Décolletage Treatment is pain-free, as a local anaesthetic cream is applied before the set of injections are administered. A choice of hyaluronic acid-type dermal fillers that may be used to eliminate wrinkles of the décolletage skin area. This treatment is hugely popular amongst patients who are exposed to the sun more than usual.


The Candela CO2RE

Refine Clinic will be the first clinic in Ireland to have this machine available to clients for treatments.  Contact us for further information on commencement dates for treatments at [email protected] or  +353871647942. Or alternatively sign up to their newsletter (average only  one per email per month) at Refine Clinic Newsletter. They only send on average one per month so no spam just focused information, offers and any new treatments.

“We have chosen the CO2RE machine because of its versatility in the conditions we will be able to treat. Our products and techniques are to the highest standard at this moment in time and this machine will take us to new levels. It will open the door to so many more high quality services we can offer our patients.

Treatable Conditions with the CO2RE include:  Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Pigmentation in the Lower Face, Wrinkles on the Arms, Traumatic Scarring and Periocular Rejuvenation.  

CO2RE Result Speak for themselves

See for yourself some before and after photos below.

As well as the dermatological benefits, the CO2RE will allow Refine Clinic to focus even more  on Women’s Wellness in a more detailed and intimate way. For example, many women experience pain during intercourse, and a dryness and itching of the vagina. With the CO2RE Intima we will be able to remodel vaginal tissue with little to no downtime and very little – if any – discomfort. The CO2RE Intima will also be used to treat Urinary Incontinence in Women.”

Women’s Intimate Wellness – An In-Demand,  Rapidly Growing Market Need