New Dublin-based company will deliver delicious ‘Home Restaurant Kits’ to your door

We love this idea!

A new Dublin-based company is offering to deliver delicious ‘Home Restaurant Kits’ straight to your door.

After being forced to close their respective businesses, Doug Leddin of OHANA Cocktail Bar and Sebastian Conway of Wing It Restaurant realised they would have to adapt to survive the coming weeks and months ahead.

Not ones for hanging around or getting bored, they quickly sourced a Warehouse in Dun Laoghaire and started informing their current suppliers that they would be setting up a grocery store online – and was born.

Stuff U Need prides itself in stocking local suppliers including Bretzel Bakery, Local Butchers and Vegetable suppliers, Rohan’s Sauce, Meltdown Dublin condiments as well as every house hold item you could use or eat – including Beers, Wine and Spirits.


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Their main selling point is once you order, it’s a 48 hour delivery window – so there is no waiting around for your weekly shop.

Doug told us: “For us we wanted to try something new, employ hospitality staff to help us with logistics, warehouse management and delivering, we started off with one van on the road and now have four and employ 9 people which is a fantastic feeling during this pandemic, as we quickly discovered margins are tight in the grocery business, but if we can employ friends, keep local suppliers busy and provide a much needed 48hour delivery service to everyone in Dublin, Bray and Greystones then thats a win for us all.”

As well as delivering groceries, Stuff U Need now specialise in what they have coined as “DIY At Home Restaurant Kits” – and have teamed up with BOX Burger Bray and Platform Pizza so that you can enjoy making your favourite foods at home.

Next week, they are also launching Wing It At Home Kits, so people can make their own restaurant quality wings from the comfort of their own home.

Seb told us: “We decided to try offer Restaurants a new avenue to make money, keep people employed and to reach new audiences and so we have worked closely with the restaurants to ensure a quality product and have assisted with the marketing of them as well, even Irish Captain Johnny Sexton shared his Platform Pizza DIY experience on Instagram the other day.”

To date Stuff U Need has done over 500 deliveries in the last four weeks, and it’s growing week on week.

If your looking to do all your shopping and not leave your house in Dublin, Bray or Greystones and have it delivered within 48 hours – check out for all your grocery needs.