Inspiring doctor Candice Myhre calls for end to sexism in new viral campaign

A new study has deemed medical practitioners posing in bikinis as 'unprofessional' - causing outrage among the medical community

Doctors around the world have come together to fight back, after a controversial study shamed medical practitioners for posting “unprofessional” photos.

The study in question was published by the Journal of Vascular Surgery, which claimed that “inappropriate attire” – including bikinis, fancy dress and medics posing with a drink – was “potentially unprofessional content” that should not be shared on social media by those who work in medicine.

Medical practitioners have since responded to the study by using the hashtag #MedBikini along with photographs of them in bikinis.

One of the women taking part in this movement is Hawaii-based doctor Candice Myhre, who’s inspiring story has gone viral.


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“Dr Bikini ????will save your life in the middle of the Ocean when you get hit by a boat,” the medical physician shared on Instagram.

“I will take you out of the ocean on a surfboard turned into a backboard, tie off your exsanguinating wound with my rash guard, take you to my under equipped urgent care, stabilize you in 1 hour with an IV, oxygen, morphine, fluids, Foley, and put your open femur fracture in Bucks traction, fly you by helicopter to a local hospital, order and interpret all the labs, xrays, CT scans, suture/staple all your wounds, splint your clavicle/ humerus and scapula fractures,sedate you, put a chest tube in your 5 rib fractured hemopneumothorax and fly you by jet to a specialty hospital in another country….all in my you guessed it ????”

“I am an Emergency Medicine Physician standing in solidarity with female vascular surgeons today. NEWSFLASH: FEMALE DOCTORS CAN WEAR WHATEVER THEY WANT,” she continued.

Dr Candice Myhre | Instagram

“Female doctors, nurses, NPs/PAs, all healthcare professionals – we can wear a bikini, a dress, or we can wear scrubs. This does not change how good we are at being a healthcare provider. We can wear WHATEVER we want on our free time, and still save your life.”

“Sexism in medicine is alive and well. But we won’t let that stop us. In this ridiculous article published in a well respected medical journal, the vascular surgery authors sought out to determine how many vascular surgeons had participated in what they state is “inappropriate social media behavior”, which they defined as FEMALES IN BIKINIS – BUT GET THIS: NOT MEN IN BATHING SUITS. ”

“Other topics considered ‘inappropriate’ were Halloween costumes (should I take down my pregnant nun costume?) GUN CONTROL and politics. The ‘study’ was written by 3 men who created fake social media accounts to spy on applicants. My dad who was a triple boarded cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon would not approve of their study. Especially since he liked gardening in a speedo.”

“Women in medicine: whether you’re a nurse, medical student, resident, an attending, post your favorite bikini pic/dress pic/halloween pic/anything today and tag me, and #medbikini . We have to drown out the sexism in medicine and keep it moving. It’s 2020 people. Sexism is cancelled.”

Sharing a second post, Dr. Candice joked that “bikinis improve patient satisfaction scores and lower the numbers on the pain scale.”

“I give excellent care regardless of what I am wearing on social media. I also give excellent care regardless of mine or your gender, sexual/gender orientation, skin colour, religious preference, or political preference. Let’s improve 2020 and cancel sexism this year!”

She stated that she was “overwhelmed by comments of kindness, love, & support” that she received since sharing her story – inspiring other women in the medical community to also stand up against sexism.

“I chose to speak up for a cause that I believe in after having experienced so much sexism in medicine; starting in medical school & throughout my 20 years working in Emergency Medicine,” she wrote.

“Just two days ago I had 300 followers,” Candice added – whose Instagram account now has over 27,000 followers.

“You never know what sort of positive impact you can make by speaking up & expressing your thoughts! But, this is not about me.”

“This is about the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of sexes. This is about showing support for marginalized voices and fighting for equality. We are all speaking up for the unequal treatment of women in medicine.”

“Get out & vote, listen to scientists, & be proud of your voice!”

“I will continue to use this platform to be inspired by all of you, share my ER stories, & spread positive awareness! ???? xo Dr. Bikini ????” she added.

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