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3 Tips for Holiday Engagement Ring Shopping

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As we enter the festive season, we are getting close to the most popular time of the year for proposals.

Whether you’re already planning your engagement or you’re hoping the question will be popped soon, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you pick the perfect ring – with thanks to Clean Origin.

They are on a mission to change the way couples experience diamonds. With an environmentally conscious approach, 100% of their diamonds are 100% ethical – giving customers peace of mind and a diamond with a beautiful, pure beginning.

Their lab-grown diamonds are 100% real with their team of diamond experts hand-picking the selection of diamonds available on their website.

So here are some tips to buying the perfect engagement ring this holiday season:

1. Understand Your Options

When you are looking for the perfect ring, it’s important to understand all of your options and that starts with choosing between a mined or lab grown diamond.

Are lab-created diamonds real diamonds? Yes.

In fact, the only difference between lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds is their origin. While a mined diamond has to be dug out of the ground or the seabed, a lab-grown diamond is quite literally grown in a lab using a technology that replicates how earth forms a mined diamond.

Not to mention, man-made diamonds can be up to 40% less than mined stones. This is a huge advantage if you’re on a budget or hoping to opt for a large carat size.

100% ethical, better for the environment, and less expensive? It’s a win-win-win in our eyes.

2. Take Advantage of Fancy Shapes

When you’re searching for your perfect diamond, it’s important to be open to different shapes and cuts.

This is especially true since some fancy-shaped diamonds can often appear larger than a round brilliant diamond of the same size. Some of these include emerald cut, radiant cut, or oval-shaped diamonds.

Other fancy cut stones, such as princess-cut diamonds, can cost less than your average round stone.

Take a look at the different styles:

Emerald Cut

First up is the Emerald Cut, one of the most popular cuts in the history of engagement rings.

Always in a rectangular shape, emerald cut diamonds feature several parallel facets that create a shining, step-like appearance within.

Emerald cut engagement rings are known for being popular with women who also have stand-out personalities, just like the stone itself.

Emerald diamonds are often a top choice, thanks to their expansive appearance; these diamonds can appear far larger than their actual carat weight.



Next up is the stunning oval shape.

Over the past several months this shape has become extremely popular. Likely due to, its elongated eye-catching shape.

This stone can be perfect just on its own, or surrounded by smaller diamonds, in a halo setting.

Similar to the emerald cut, an oval shaped diamond can appear much bigger than other diamonds of similar carat size — particularly round brilliants. This is especially important if you are trying to stick to a budget.

Clear Origin offers over 75 settings from their Halo, Classic, Vintage, Solitaire, and Three-Stone collections where you can browse a huge catalogue of options, including engagement rings that will fit an oval diamonds.


Another extremely popular style is the radiant-shaped diamond.

These stones are square or rectangular with beveled corners and 70 facets that create a stunning sparkle that will surely grab your attention.

This is another perfect style for a bride-to-be who likes to stand out and, of course, shine.

Radiant diamonds have a striking appearance of angled facets and a shine very similar to a round diamond.

Marquise Shaped 

The final unique fancy cut is the Marquise-shapedcut diamond.

This stunning style is cut with two pointed ends, similar to two teardrop diamonds joined in the middle.

These stones can also be referred to as the “eye-shaped” diamonds, and these beautiful stones are normally the perfect fit for equally elegant women.

Also known for having an elongating effect on the ring finger, the marquise-cut diamond ring is a very sophisticated and elegant choice for the bride-to-be.

You can personalise your shape with a unique setting from any of Clean Origin’s engagement ring collections.

3. Buy Online

Last, but not least, with the current restrictions in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to turn to online shopping.

If you are worried you might get the wrong size, or pick the wrong shape, not to worry, at Clean Origin you get a generous 100-day return policy, free resizing, and free shipping.

You can “build your ring” on the website all from home too.

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