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5 Online Workout Classes You Can Do From Home

There are lots of ways to keep yourself busy!


With social distancing in full affect, more people are at home more than ever – and it’s important to keep active and motivated during this Coronavirus spread.

So we have listed 5 top work out channels you can use online to keep fit.

From hiit workouts to dance classes, take a look at our top 5:

Pamela Reif

If you are looking to load up a few workouts on YouTube to work from then check out Pamela Reif’s channel.

She does lots of 20-minute work outs that don’t need any equipment whatsoever, so these are perfect for you at home.

The Body Coach

The Bodyy Coach aka Joe Wicks has TONNES of workout videos.

We have chosen this video which focuses on keeping your children fit in an easy way.

Check out his channel for more.

Ben Dunne Gyms

Keep an eye out on Irish-owned Ben Dunne Gyms’ social media pages.

They are doing live workouts while people are stuck at home, and they are really easy to follow.

Check out their latest workout above on their Facebook page.

Popsugar Fitness

If you are looking to do something a little different, try Popsugar Fitness on Youtube.

They have cool classes which involve boxing and combat training that will definitely get your calories burning.

They also have great dance class workouts too – so clear out an are for yourself and get moving!


If you are looking to do some Hiit cardio then this is the perfect channel for you.

High intense, and easy-to-do from home, follow your instructors and really go for it.