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WATCH: Peope can’t cope with Leo Varadkar’s latest vlog

The year is 2018... The Taoiseach vlogs

Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Leo Varadkar has been vlogging for a year now and to celebrate the milestone, he compiled a blooper reel of his outtakes.

The Taoiseach shared it with his Twitter followers last night and the reaction so far has been extremely mixed.

His video updates were intended to show the public what work he has been doing for them.

He captioned the tweet that accompanied the video, “Tomorrow is the 1st anniversary of my weekly videos. So for the week that’s in it, here are some of my outtakes from the last year. #Bloopers”

He was heavily criticised for posting the video so soon after he said he sympathised with Trump’s views on the media, a statement he has since tried to profusely apologise for.

The video led many people to question whether he wanted to be a serious politician or a celebrity.

Making sure he stays grounded, one person tweeted, “This doesn’t make you likeable or relatable.”

“Why is he such a meme,” queried Kristen.

Adrian succintly asked him to “kindly stop this charade.”

While Luke joked that, “The emperor is wearing no clothes.”

Many of the responses criticised him for prioritising attempts at entertainment over fixing pressing societal issues.

While the majority of feedback slated the politician, some people were supportive of his blooper reel.

Peter tweeted, “It shows you’re not perfect and not too proud to show it. You are an inspiration.”

Niamh wrote, “I think it’s refreshing that we see another side of Leo. I understand everyone has their own stories but sometimes seeing something like this just makes you smile and realise even the best of us have to try and try again for perfect.”

“Keep it going, I love it,” she finished.

Watch the Taoiseach’s blooper reel here.