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WATCH: Piers Morgan slams Meghan Markle’s sister as a ‘media vulture’ in explosive interview

The GMB host didn't hold back


Piers Morgan didn’t hold back during his interview with Meghan Markle’s sister Samantha on Good Morning Britain.

The bride-to-be’s estranged sister appeared on the show via Skype to discuss their father’s recent paparazzi picture controversy.

During the explosive interview, things quickly took a nasty turn as Piers asked her, “How much money have you made from trashing Meghan Markle?”

The 53-year-old went on to explain her father Thomas Markle’s actions.

“My father has really suffered at the hands of the media. I think a person has a right to say ‘Enough is enough,’” Samantha said, before Piers interjected, “There’s no bigger media vulture than you, is there, Ms. Markle?”

He continued, “You say this is all the media’s fault, because the media has been treating him in a shabby way, many of our viewers may have watched your activities and think you have treated your sister Meghan in a very shabby way.”

“You’ve spent the last two years criticizing her, you called her a narcissist, selfish, that Hollywood changed her and that Prince Harry shouldn’t marry her, yet you have the gall to blame media vultures.”

Credit: John Rainford/WENN.com

Samantha defended herself by claiming that those statements were pulled from “wholly inaccurate” tabloids.

Piers added, “It seems to me her father, your father, has let her down. Doing a deal with the paparazzi knowing that they’d [Prince Harry and Meghan] be horrified.”

The news comes after it was reported that Thomas will not attend the royal wedding on Saturday, as he’s set to undergo heart surgery.