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From Suits to Royalty – 10 things we know about Meghan Markle

The U.S. actress is about to have her fairy tale ending

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She is about to become one of the most watched women in the world – so we’re delving into everything we know about Meghan Markle.

The 36-year-old actress, blogger and activist has won the heart of Prince Harry, and after announcing their engagement, will move to London for her Happy Ever After.

From her ancestry to her random roles on TV, here’s 10 things we know about Meghan:

1 She Ran Blog Called The Tig

In gratitude for all of the amazing women across the globe who make this world go round. Sending love and strength to you today and every day. xo – MM & The Tig Team #IWD

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As well as being a hit on television, Meghan was a hit online too.

The actress ran a website called The Tig, which focused on food, travel and over all wellness.

As well as sharing photos of gorgeous food all around the world, and her charity ventures, Meghan also brought her followers on her travel trips.

Just two short years ago our #EIC @meghanmarkle was exploring #Malta. ✈️🍇 Check out her #travelguide today on #TheTig! #linkinbio #travel

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Soon after Meghan and Harry’s romance became public knowledge, Meghan decided to close the website.

“It’s that time, loves! It is with a heavy (but very full) heart that we say THANK YOU for being with us on this pretty epic adventure for the past three years,” she wrote in April.

“To read the farewell to The Tig from our EIC @meghanmarkle, go to thetig.com. We will miss you, but we happily pass the baton to our dear friend @janina who is changing the game in the digital space with her site @altfound.”

2 Her Ancestors Hail From Yorkshire

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She’s an LA girl, but it turns out Meghan’s family originally hail from Yorkshire, England.

Her great great grandmother, Martha Sykes can be traced back to England.

Ulicny claims that Sykes – on her father Thomas Markle’s side – was born in Yorkshire, before moving to the US with her parents, Thomas and Mary, when she was one.

“Most likely the Sykes family came from Yorkshire, a coal mining region, and the name Sykes was popular up that way,” Ulicny explained.

The family left England in 1869 during the reign of Prince Harry’s relative Queen Victoria in the search of a better life in America.

3 Meghan And Harry Met Through A Mutual Friend

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Last summer, Prince Harry asked their mutual friend Markus Anderson for an introduction.

Markus was in London with Meghan for Wimbledon and Prince Harry had a massive crush.

Markus is a consultant of Soho House, so he arranged for the pair to meet in the Dean Street property in London.

Apparently Meghan was “charmed by his cuteness”.

Soon after that the couple started a secret romance.

4 She Was A ‘Suitcase Girl’ On Deal Or No Deal

She may be best known for her role as Rachel Zane on Suits but she once was a ‘suitcase girl’ on the US version of Deal or No Deal.

Her role was to entice contestants on whether her suitcase contained one dollar, or a million dollars.

5 She Has The Same Hair Dresser As Kim Kardashian

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From now on, even more so, we will all be obsessing over Meghan’s hair, clothes, makeup and all-round look.

So it’s important to know the team she has behind her.

Thankfully she seems to have the best of the best, New York based Michael Silva has been looking after Meghan’s locks since 2015.

He has a long list of celebrity clients, including Kim Kardashian West.

6 Her Nickname is ‘Flower’

We all know her as Meghan, but the soon-to-be Duchess is known as something else to her close ones.

Meghan’s mother Doria calls her Flower, but her other nicknames are Meg, Nutmeg, MM, and M&M.

7 She Is A Huge Advocate Of Women’s Rights

Meghan ended up shadowing a UN intern when was she was made UN women’s advocate for Political Participation and Leadership, admitting she wanted to fully immerse herself in the role and get a wider understanding of it.

Meghan is also an ambassador for Canada’s World Vision Clean Water campaign and has travelled to Rwanda as part of her campaigning.

She gave an emotional speech about feminism before the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon in 2015.

8 She Told The Creator Of Suits She Wouldn’t Do Any More ‘Semi-Naked Scenes’

While discussing gender equality at the One You World Summit last year, Meghan said she was done with “gratuitous” and semi-nude scenes on Suits,

The actress then revealed she ahd contacted the show’s creator to tell him she would no longer going to be doing them.

“This season – every script seemed to begin with, ‘Rachel enters the room wearing a towel’, and I thought, ‘Nope, I’m not doing it anymore’,” she admitted.

“I called the creator and said ‘it’s just gratuitous’ – you’ve already seen it once so at a certain point you feel empowered enough to just say no.”

9 She Is Divorced

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Meghan has already been married, to Trevor Engelson.

The couple were married for two years from 2011, tying the knot in Jamaica.

Meghan got her role in Suits, and friends of the pair say a strain was put on the relationship.

“It put a strain on the relationship. Trevor was in LA making movies, Meghan was in another country five hours’ flight away and it simply took its toll,” an insider said.

10 Meghan Will Become A Duchess

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While Kate Middleton got the title of Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan will reportedly be called Duchess of Sussex.

The couple are said to marry in Spring of next year.