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Scotty T reveals he took cocaine ‘every day’ to cope with the pressure of reality star lifestyle

The reality star admitted to still taking the drug


Scotty T revealed that he took cocaine “every day” to cope with the pressure of his reality star lifestyle.

The Geordie Shore star opened up about his use of drugs and party lifestyle.

“When I got famous on Geordie Shore, everything was being thrown your way – booze, drugs and women,” he told The Sun.

“While the show was on air, I’d be doing club personal appearances every night and I started taking cocaine to cope. I used to be completely anti-drugs, anti-smoking and despise all of that. But I fell into that lifestyle.”


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The reality star revealed that he suffered with anxiety and couldn’t leave his house because of how bad it was: “I suffer with ADHD so I couldn’t drink red bull because it made it worse. I was overthinking things and my anxiety was through the roof, I couldn’t even leave the house, it was horrible.”

“To cope I’d have cocaine. It helps me focus and concentrate. I was using it every day when I was off the rails and doing PA’s up and down the UK – sometimes I was doing three in one day. I didn’t know how else to cope.”

The 30-year-old entered rehab for two weeks in 2017, but started taking drugs again when he came out: “It was tough but I needed help and I got it there. But when I came out, I started going mad again – taking drugs and partying. I wasn’t in the right head space.”

Scotty revealed that he went through a very difficult time in 2018, when four of his close friends and his stepfather passed away.


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“Then my step dad passed away and then basically my best mate who I went to school with, Sophie Gradon from Love Island, passed away. Then her boyfriend took his own life.”

“I was very close to both of them and that was really hard. I was breaking up with my girlfriend, I was alone in my house and I was like ‘why is everyone around us dying,” he continued.

Scotty entered a treatment facility in Thailand for over two months following the death of his stepfather and friends, as he said that the “cleanse” made him stronger.

While the reality star has stopped using drugs on a daily basis, the 30-year-old admitted that he still takes cocaine on “on a recreational basis but it’s not a necessity like it used to be. I know my limits.”