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Roxanne Pallett’s new man brands her “manipulative” and “disgusting”

The pair have been spotted out and about


Roxanne Pallett’s new beau reportedly called the former Emerdale star “manipulative” following her Big Brother stint last year.

Roxanne came to notoriety in one of the biggest reality TV scandals after appearing on the 2018 edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

At the time, the actress falsely accused CBB housemate Ryan Thomas of punching her on the show. She has since apologised profusely and admitted she was wrong in the situation.

Upon leaving CBB, the actress became single, and has been spotted dating property developer Mike Etherington.

However, following the CBB scandal last year, Etherington reportedly tweeted his disdain for her actions.

The series of old tweets, sourced by The Mirror, reads: “Manipulative, disgusting, attention seeking women who fake abuse, it’s not only a slap in the face of true victims but a slap in the face of the law.”

Channel 4 – Celebrity Island

“This type of person needs criminal prosecution, equal to what a genuine abuser would face.”

“Girls who lie about domestic abuse should face the same consequences as a genuine abuser would.”

“There needs to be a strong deterrent as situations like this are a slap in the face to genuine victims, and it can undeservedly ruin a genuinely good person’s life forever.”

The pair have not publicly commented on their relationship status.


Roxanne took to Instagram earlier this month to open up about her mental health issues, and shared all of the difficult times she has been through in her life.

“Cancer took my grandma who had raised me. It broke me. I didn’t have counselling. Instead, struggling to cope with my grief & upset, I took measures into my own hands & naively overdosed on a handful of tablets from a school friend who told me it would numb the pain,” she shared.

“Two years later & desperate for stability I clung to the wrong guy at uni & ended up isolated in an abusive relationship. If it wasn’t for a friend who clocked my hidden bruises & helped me pack my bags, I can’t even imagine.”

“I buried this awful episode but subconsciously it affected my trust in people.”

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