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Prince Harry has seriously awkward run in with ex Jenna Coleman – and Meghan Markle was there too

Even Royals have these CRINGE moments too

Credit: John Rainford/WENN.com

Prince Harry had to go through a very cringe-worthy moment last weekend – thanks to bumping into his ex Jenna Coleman.

The Victoria actress was in Amsterdam for a star-studded opening of a new SoHo House, and Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle were there too.

Jenna had an awkward run in

The Royals snook off on the trip, and poor Harry didn’t know what to do when he came face to face with his ex.

Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent Katie Nicholl reports that Harry saw Jenna at a breakfast gathering.

“Harry had to walk straight past Jenna to get to his and Meghan’s table,” an onlooker told Vanity Fair.


“It was pretty awkward and some of the other guests were commenting on it.”

It sounds like Harry had a typical response, and didn’t even look Jenna in the eye.

“Jenna looked down while Harry looked straight ahead, while Meghan didn’t seem to notice,” the source said.

“She sat through breakfast with a smile on her face, but Harry looked a bit uncomfortable. He’d been super friendly saying hi to everyone, but he didn’t even acknowledge Jenna.”

It seems you still have to go through these cringe moments even when you’re a Royal…