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Piers Morgan says Ant McPartlin ‘does not deserve sympathy’

The TV presenter was charged for drink driving on Monday


Piers Morgan has said that Ant McPartlin doesn’t deserve sympathy, after being charged for drink driving.

The Britain’s Got Talent host was handed a massive £86,000 fine and 20-month driving ban in court yesterday. 

Speaking about Ant being charged on Good Morning Britain, Piers said, “He does not deserve sympathy.”

The GMB host, who used to alongside Ant as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, also added that he had “partied” with Ant in the past.


Piers also commented on Ant’s appearance outside court, and said that the troubled TV star looked “haunted”.

Speaking about Ant previously on GMB, Piers told viewers, “The public were very sympathetic to his [past] problems, this is different.”

“Even if you really like Ant, you’ve got to look at this and think ‘you could have killed someone’. What is very damaging for him is this is not just him having problems, it’s him having problems and inflicting them on to completely random, innocent people.

“What he maybe needs now is tough love and someone saying ‘you need to sort yourself out because you could have killed someone’,” he added.