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Olivia Buckland says her husband Alex Bowen wants children ASAP

The newly wed opened up about having children


Olivia Buckland has revealed that her new husband, Alex Bowen, wants to have children ASAP.

The couple got married just two months ago and Olivia has now admitted that her hubby wants to be a “young dad” as he’s “desperate” to have children.

Speaking to OK! online, theĀ Love IslandĀ star revealed: “Alex wants to be a dad. He would literally be a dad tomorrow if he could. We always talk about it.”


The 24-year-old revealed that they have discussed having a family together and said that Alex wants to start as soon as possible: “He always says he wants to be the cool dad, and he doesn’t wanna look old.”

“He wants to be a young dad, he always tells me that,” she continued.

Despite the 26-year-old’s longing to have children ASAP, Olivia admitted that she is not ready just yet, as she wants to concentrate on her career and see the world.

“In all seriousness, but we do speak about it but we both agree that we’ve got so much going on in our careers at the moment, lots of plans and lots of travelling to do.”


The Love Island star even joked about not being ready to leave her party life behind, as she said: “We’re still party animals, so it wouldn’t be right just yet. But, you know, in the next few years we’ll be reconsidering.”