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Mel B calls for better mental health services following the death of her body guard

She shared her experiences of PTSD with her bodyguard


Mel B has revealed her anger over the suicide of her former bodyguard.

Corporal Ash Nickles, who was an Afghan War veteran, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder following his time in the Royal Marines.

The Spice Girl was deeply upset after her former security team leader was found deceased, and said that more needs to be done to help those in need of mental health support.


Mel told the Mirror that his death was “a damming indictment of the lack of help for those suffering PTSD who are in such desperate need.”

“I talked a lot to Ash about PTSD.”

“I suffer from it as a result of an emotional abusive marriage and he suffered from it as a result of what he went through and what he saw in war zones.”


“I remember thinking, ‘this man would take a bullet for my child’ Our worlds were so different, but we had a connection,” she said.

“When I had to do a tour for my book, Brutally Honest, I wanted him by my side because it was tough for me and he understood trauma on every level. He was with me in the run up to the Spice Girls tour, too.”

The Corporal was reportedly found dead at his home wearing his ceremonial blues uniform and military medals in November.