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Meghan Markle surprises Kensington Palace staff in the cutest ways

The Duchess was praised by her friends

Pictures: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

Meghan Markle surprises the staff at Kensington Palace in the cutest ways.

While the Duchess hit headlines since joining the Royal Family as her personal assistant and bodyguard both quit in recent months, the 37-year-old reportedly surprised palace staff with ice cream and hand warmers during the summer and winter months.

A source told People that Meghan would order food for the crew on Suits to boost the mood on-set and that she has done similar things for palace staff.

“It’s the same stuff she does with her office at [Kensington Palace] now. I came by there one day, and she had ordered an incredible ice-cream and sorbet stand for the office,” the insider revealed.

Credit: John Rainford/WENN.com

“They were remarking how it was the ‘best day of work ever.’ It warmed my heart to see her just continuing to be her and bring her style to the U.K.”

Another friend said that when she visited the Duchess’ Nottingham Cottage she noticed some boxes in her house and when she asked Meghan what was in them, the former actress replied: “They’re hand warmers. Every time it gets cold like this, I take them to the guard stations. The guards are standing at their posts, and I don’t want the guys to be cold.”