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Megan Barton-Hanson likes comment from Love Island fan who called Laura Anderson ‘a mess’

The reality star has reignited their feud


Megan Barton-Hanson liked a comment from a Love Island fan who called Laura Anderson “a mess.”

The reality stars’ feud originally started when Wes Nelson decided to couple up with Megan while in the villa, after he had been coupled with Laura since the beginning of the programme.

While the women seemed to get on good terms before the end of the show, Megan has hit out at the former flight attendant by liking a negative comment about her.


The 24-year-old liked a comment by a follower of a Love Island fan site, in which they said: “I’m sorry but this girls (sic) a miss, when’s she gonna take a breath to be away from men. She had 4 men in the villa, another only a few weeks ago, that’s 4 men in the space of a few months.”

“The girl needs to chill out. Every guy she’s with she makes out they’re perfect for her.”

While Laura didn’t acknowledge the fact that her former Love Island co-star had liked the online troll’s comment, the 29-year-old responded to the comment and said: “incorrect in so many ways. I’m happily single and haven’t been in a relationship for almost 1year (sic).”

“I’ve dated because I was on a dating show. Far from a mess Jeni. Love a troll, do you want to call me and I’ll tell you have (sic) many people I’ve slept with in the past year I feel you’ll be very unsatisfied. Have a fabulous day”.