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Love Island’s Rosie Williams reveals she’s ‘not at all surprised’ by Adam Collard and Zara McDermott’s split

Adam dumped Rosie for Zara on Love Island


Rosie Williams has admitted that she is “not at all surprised” that Adam Collard and Zara McDermott have split.

The Love Island star was left devastated during her time on the dating show, when Adam brutally dumped her for Zara.

Speaking about the situation, she told the MailOnline: “It was horrible to go through and I feel for Zara if she’s been going through something similar. She’s better out of it.”

“The character that I knew, that person, means I’m not at all surprised it’s happened with Zara.”


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The former solicitor admitted: “In a way I am glad that all that happened with me, as it’s a way of learning lessons. It means you can find someone amazing next time, who treats you the way you want them to.”

Despite being dumped for another girl, Rosie revealed: “I don’t blame Zara for what happened. I mean, I was one of the oldest and I hope that the younger ones learnt from what happened with me.”

However, she still hasn’t forgiven Adam for the way he treated her.

She said: “He just paraded it around. He didn’t have a conversation with me. It was not nice. And since then, I hear how he’s spoken about me. I personally don’t follow him on social media, I have nothing to do with him. But if he keeps talking about me he must be bothered.”


Thankfully Rosie has since moved on, as she is currently dating businessman Wayne Davies.

“I have a boyfriend and he’s not in the public eye. We keep it all under wraps,” she confessed. “And that’s fine with me, because there’s less pressure on them.”


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