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Love Island’s Belle Hassan hints things aren’t over between her and Anton Danyluk

Are they getting back together?


Love Island’s Belle Hassan has dropped some big hints suggesting she could rekindle her romance with Anton Danyluk.

The couple recently split five weeks after leaving the Love Island villa, but the 21-year-old has revealed that they’re now getting on “better than ever”.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Belle said: “It’s been hard. We were going three days at a time without speaking, but now we probably speak more than we ever did.”


“I think it’s because there’s no pressure. We can just get on how we did before. We’re friends and talk every day, he’ll ring me up to see how I’m doing.”

“He just got caught up with everything, like fame and going out. He wanted to party, party, party and I think he just forgot about me a little bit. That’s fine, I understand that.”

Belle continued: “I have so much love and respect for Anton. He’s helped change my life and we’ve gone through so much together.”


“Maybe when our schedules die down there will be something there. You never know. Everything’s such a whirlwind. We said let’s wait and see what happens in a couple of months.

“I will never say never, because when people do and then they get back with them they always look like a k**b. I wish him nothing but happiness,” she added.