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Love Island’s Anton Danyluk reveals he STILL hasn’t ‘done bits’ with Belle Hassan

The reality stars are taking things slow

From ITV Studios

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk has revealed that he still hasn’t had sex with Belle Hassan, after leaving the Love Island villa.

The pair coupled up on this year’s series of Love Island, but are yet to make their relationship official.

They’ve also been spending a lot of time apart, as Anton lives in Scotland, while Belle resides in Bromley, South London.

Speaking to new! magazine, Anton said: “We haven’t [done bits]. When we’ve seen each other we’ve been tired and gone straight to bed. We’re taking it slow, it’s very PG.”

From ITV Studios

When asked if they’ve made their romance official, the personal trainer said: “Everyone’s saying this ‘making it official’ as if we’ve been in a relationship for so long.”

“I’m very much a realist. We’ve still got a bit of dating to do on the outside before we know if it’s going to work. But we’re both on the same page, which is important.”

Anton also revealed he has no plans to move closer to Belle.

He said: “I won’t be moving away from Scotland, but with all the things that are going on I’m going to be up and down the country anyway. If I’m down this way I’ll make sure I see her and she can come up to Scotland.”