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Love Island’s Alex Miller BEGGED bosses to let him back into the villa

He's on a mission to expose "deceitful" Megan


Love Island’s reject Alex Miller has begged bosses to let him back in the villa.

The eliminated contestant was booted off the hit iTV2 show last week but wants to go back on to the show to expose “deceitful” Megan.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Alex said, “It’s all a big game to Megan, she told me the reason she’d come on the show was to do more modelling.”

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The twenty-eight-year-old has been looking over Love Island episodes since his departure from the show and now sees Megan in a new light.

“Now I’ve seen how deceitful she is, I’d like to go back into the villa and confront her and expose her game.”

“Get me back in,” he urged.

Only last week the former contestant said he would wait for Megan and would introduce her to his parents.

Last week Alex said, “I’ll be waiting for her to have a word in her ear.”

“I wanna see if it was genuine, I know she’s playing the game now she’s with Wes, but with me, I don’t think she was.”

He also added, “I’d definitely introduce her to my mum, but I’d make sure my brothers weren’t home though.”

Megan is currently coupled back up with Wes, after dumping Alex and Eyal as well as breaking Dr. Alex’s heart.