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Lily Allen reveals she was sexually abused by someone in the music industry

She said the music industry wouldn't let her escape from her abuser.


Lily Allen has revealed that she was sexually abused by a music executive.

The singer opened up to ‘i Magazine’ about the abuse and said that the music industry would not let her escape from the person who sexually abused her.

Lily, 33, believed her label would not act on her claims because the person, who she didn’t name, carried too much power and influence within the industry.

She likened herself to Rose McGowan when she admitted: “like Rose McGowan [Harvey Weinstein’s accuser], I reported it to people around me, women and no one did anything.”

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Lily continued saying, “My record label have a list of priority acts, pretty much all of which have a link to the person who did something to me.”

She believed that they would say, ”ย this person is worth more to us because he makes us lots of money,” and therefore discard Lily and her career.

The mother-of-two also opened about substance abuse in her past. When asked about it she admitted, “I’d always been a drug taker back in the day. I would drink, but it was more just an accessory to drugs.”

Lily also revealed that no one tried to help her when she was at her worst stage, “The thing is, when you call time on something, everyone goes home and there’s no money. So it’s not really in anyone’s interest to say, This has got to stop, you need to go home.”

Lily has turned her life around since giving birth to her children and has given up drugs completely and only drinks occasionally.