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Liam Payne admits he feels ‘lucky’ to be alive after fame ‘nearly killed’ him multiple times

The singer has revealed how fame has affected his mental health


Liam Payne has admitted he feels “quite lucky” to be alive, after fame “nearly killed” him multiple times.

The singer rose to fame when he was just 16-years-old, when he became a part of One Direction on The X Factor back in 2010.

Almost ten years after he was thrust into the spotlight, Liam has opened up about the pressures of fame, and how it has affected his mental health over the year.

Speaking to Ant Middleton for a Sky One special, which airs at 9pm on November 12, Liam said: “For some certain circumstances I’m quite lucky to be here still.”

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“There are times when that level of loneliness and people getting into you every day, it’s like, ‘When will this end?’ That’s almost nearly killed me a couple of times.”

When asked if he’s ever considered acting on those thoughts, Liam said: “Yeah, when I’ve been in a bad place.”

“It’s one hundred per cent, you know? There’s no point denying it – it’s definitely been on the menu a couple of times in my life.”

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On how he’s dealt with those feelings, Liam said: “There’s only one thing you control within that situation and that is you. Just do today.”

“Get on with that bit and then there’ll be another hurdle in a few months, a few weeks or maybe even the next day.”

He added: “Putting that happy smile on my face and singing the songs — sometimes it was like putting on one of those costumes and, underneath the costume, people don’t really see what’s going on.”