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Kevin Clifton pays tribute to Stacey Dooley amid controversy

The pair are reportedly an item after growing close on Strictly Come Dancing


Kevin Clifton has finally broken his silence, and paid tribute to his rumoured girlfriend Stacey Dooley.

According to The Sun, the professional dancer opened up after a performance of his new show Burn the Floor.

He said: “In the last couple of years I’ve seen massive upheaval in my personal life and it hasn’t always been easy. There have been a lot of things thrown at me. At times I’ve struggled. And the times I’ve really struggled and I was in a bit of a rut I didn’t know what to do.”

“And thanks to Miss Stacey Dooley, I can finally say I’m the Strictly champion after six years of trying. It’s a miracle,” he added.

Kevin’s tribute to Stacey comes amid controversy, as the TV presenter’s ex Sam Tucknott recently accused Kevin of causing their break up.

In an explosive interview, Sam said: “Stacey has broken my heart, but of course I still love her and I wish her every success.”

“My anger is with Kevin. It’s more like Strictly Come Dating — year in, year out. Strictly is meant to be a family show — my little niece watches it — but it’s so sleazy, and I cannot begin to wonder what goes on behind the scenes.”

“I have no respect for Kevin whatsoever. He comes out and says it’s all ‘strictly business’. He’s a full-on p***k. I’ve tried to meet him since to get closure but he won’t do it,” he continued.

Stacey and her ex Sam | Instagram

“Had it been one of the other dancers she got with, fair enough. But it stings that much more because of what he’s been like and how he’s renowned.

“He’s an absolute complete f***ing rat with no b******s or decency to hear me out. The fact he won’t have a man-to-man conversation with me says everything about the guy.

“He has gone from my best mate, wanting to know the ins and outs of what I am up to, then he can’t even go out of his way to reply. That’s come from guilt,” he added.