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James McAvoy set to star in TV adaption of ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy

The acclaimed novels are set to become an eight-part TV series


James McAvoy is set to star in the TV adaptation of ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy.

According to The Daily Mail the Scottish native is set to play Lord Asriel, the adventure/father of the lead character Lyra.

James is best know for his roles in ‘Atonement’, the ‘X-Men’ franchise and more recently ‘Split’, all of which have been extremely successful.

The trilogy was written by Philip Pullman in the late 90s, it is set in a parallel universe where Human souls take the form of lifelong animal companions, known as daemons. It follows an orphan named Lyra and her daemon Pan and their adventures together.

Lord Asriel is one of the main characters in the trilogy and plays an important role in the key events of the novels.

The first book The ‘Golden Compass’ was adapted into a film in 2007, with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, however, the film received a poor response.

The TV series looks to have better success than its film predecessor, getting the seal of approval from the author, and acclaimed Director Tom Hooper at the helm.

The BBC Television series will also see breakout Logan Star Dafne Keen as lead Lyra, as well as actor Clarke Peters who will play Lyra’s master in the series.

The eight part series will begin production later this month.