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Jack Fincham says online trolls just ‘need a cuddle’

The reality star hit out at internet trolls


Jack Fincham said online trolls just “need a cuddle.”

The 27-year-old announced his split from Dani Dyer earlier this month and the 22-year-old has since been spotted rekindling her romance with an ex-boyfriend.

This week Dani spoke out about online trolls, as she has received a huge amount of criticism for getting back with her ex weeks after her split from Jack.

Jack has now also hit out at trolls on Instagram, but did not reveal what his post was directly in reference to.


“I will literally never understand internet trolls? Like why do you feel the need to do it,” theĀ Love IslandĀ star said.

“You all need a cuddle I think,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dani told her followers to “chill out” as she deals with hate on social media.