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EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s inseparable Adam Collard and Zara McDermott gush about their relationship

The reality TV stars are totally smitten

Pic: TV3

Love Island’s Adam Collard and Zara McDermott jetted into Dublin to launch Love Island Australia on 3e and caught up with Goss.ie while they were in the capital.

Adam recoupled after Zara left the programme but when he was getting booted off the show he called her a “special girl that’s brought out a different side to me that I didn’t even know I ever had.”

Zara described life since leaving the villa as “crazy” and Adam chimed in that it has been a “massive whirlwind” before they went on to gush to Goss.ie about their relationship. (Watch full interview below)

The pair have been inseparable since leaving the ITV2 hit show with the 22-year-old visiting Zara before he’d even returned to her own home.

He confirmed that he is, in fact, living with Zara’s family to Goss.ie saying, “I am pretty much, yeah!”

“I think I’ve been home about once in about two weeks,” he laughed.

Pic: TV3

The young stars seemed totally smitten as they watched the first episode of Love Island Australia in the Odeon with invited guests.

When asked afterwards if things were going well between them they answered at the same time with Zara lovingly leaning her head on Adam and telling Goss.ie, “Yeah really.”

Adam echoed her sentiment looking dotingly at her while he said, “Really well. Yeah, really well.”

Pic: Credit TV3

Discussing how they’ll balance their relationship with Adam’s three-month long tour, they revealed that they’ll still be seeing plenty of each other in between his nightclub appearances.

“We’ve got a holiday in there, with her family,” he assured Goss.ie.

Zara’s brother has already been enjoying some of the tour with him and it’s reported he’ll make over a staggering €350,000 from the appearances.