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Amber Gill spotted looking cosy with Love Island co-star Joe Garratt

Joe recently split from Lucie Donlan


Amber Gill has been spotted looking cosy with her Love Island co-star Joe Garratt.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @itzarya, the Geordie beauty can be seen sitting on a stool as Joe leans in and touches her thighs.

Joe then quickly moves away when he realises he’s being filmed.

The person who filmed the video wrote: “I got kicked out and banned from this club because of this one snap hahahah. Amber & Joe snogging.”

In another snap, they claimed: “That baker boy [Joe] tried coming at me telling me to delete the video then I told him no, he got security to kick me out and ban me from the club 😂.” [sic]

“Legit about 50 people were snapping and making videos of him he had no problem with that. The when I tried to catch him slipping he wants to make it a big deal 😂.”

“You’re in a public club, course you’re gonna get people taking videos and pictures lol, get a hotel if you wanna do your thing in private.”

Joe’s split from Lucie Donlan only hit headlines today, but it’s believed they called it quits about two weeks ago.

A source told The Sun Online: “Joe and Lucie have decided to end things between them.

“They’ve been so busy with work lately that it’s made it difficult for them to find time to see each other. They just grew apart.”

Meanwhile, Amber has been single ever since she split from Irish rugby player Greg O’Shea, who she won Love Island with.

It’s believed Greg brutally dumped her over text, just six weeks after leaving the Love Island villa.