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People are FUMING over RTE’s show Cutting Edge


There are a lot of unhappy TV viewers – after RTE’s Cutting Edge aired a debate about rape.

After the recent Standford rape case has been hitting headlines al over the world, Brendan O’Connor held a discussion about the verdict, which saw Brock Turner only get six months jail time.

The case has been causing debate world wide, as Brock claimed he and the victim were just drunk and denied raping her, despite being found having sex with her while she was unconscious behind a dumpster after a party on campus.

On Cutting Edge Brendan had comedian Al Porter and Sunday Independent journalist Niamh Horan on the show, and viewers took to Twitter to air their anger, mainly aimed at Niamh, with people claiming she is the new ‘Katie Hopkins’.

Either way the episode caused serious debate online and as the Standford case continues to make headlines we’re betting this isn’t the end of the conversation just yet.