Home TV Maura KISSES Curtis during raunchy lapdance in Love Island preview

Maura KISSES Curtis during raunchy lapdance in Love Island preview

Things are heating up inside the villa...


Although Curtis seems to have eyes for new girl Francesca during tonight’s episode, it looks like Maura isn’t giving up on their potential romance.

Tonight, viewers will see the Islanders go head-to-head as they try to get each other’s hearts racing in a Boys vs Girls challenge.

The boys will wear heart rate monitors while each girl performs a dance routine, and once each girl has had the opportunity to dance, the boys will then do the same for the girls.

It will then be revealed which boy got which girl’s heart racing the most and vice versa. Finally, it will be determined whether the boys or girls heart rates increased the most and which team reigned supreme in tonight’s challenge.


Maura sees this as her opportunity to turn up the heat with Curtis, and when it comes to her turn, she locks lips with the ballroom dancer, leaving him speechless.

Then when it comes to Curtis’ turn, he returns the favour by picking her up and smooching her back.

Curtis and Maura’s kissing fest comes just hours after Amy Hart decided to leave the villa, after she was brutally dumped by Curtis last week.

During tonight’s episode, Anton also seems threatened as new boy Chris shows interest in Belle, and Amber admits she still has feelings for Michael.

Tune in to tonight’s steamy episode of Love Island at 9pm on Virgin Media Two.

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