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Maura Higgins RATES the winter Love Island contestants

"It's savage but I'm just not feeling them."


Maura Higgins has rated the original Winter Love Island contestants in a new video with Capital FM.

The radio station got her take on all the new Islanders – instructing the Irish beauty to rate the islanders based on their original intro videos.

“I’m an ex Love Island contestant which kind of makes me an expert, so I’m going to be taking a look at this year’s Love Island contestants and saying whether they are in my basket or in the bin,” she said.


Maura was impressed with most of the female contestants – and even speculated that she would be “best friends” with Shaughna.

“She’s my favourite. I love her. I reckon she will be the best character this year.”

She also gave high praise to Leanne, saying that Leanne came across as a confident woman who “wouldn’t take any sh*t.”

However, of twins Eve and Jess, Maura immediately said “bin.”

“It’s savage but I’m just not feeling them.”

“Pulling guys together for chats… it’s just a bit odd. Imagine pulling a guy for a chat and having your sister there.”

“It’s just a bit weird – I don’t know if they can last.”


Another basket contestant for Maura is Connor.

As he describes his veneers in the video, Maura looks confused, saying: “I don’t like those teeth, you know?”

“I think he would be nicer if he didn’t have veneers.”

“I’ll put him in the basket because he’s a bit of a bad boy. He’s a good looking man I just wish he didn’t have the veneers.”

Laughing as Mike’s interview video rolled, she joked: “We all said such cringey things in those VTs.”

In Maura’s basket:







In Maura’s bin: