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Marnie Simpson brands Love Island’s Adam a ‘liar’

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Marnie Simpson has lashed out at Love Island’s Adam.

The Geordie Shore star has dubbed him a “liar” after he revealed to The Daily Mail how was approached by Geordie Shore bosses numerous times to go on the show, but repeatedly turned down offers.

Videos of the Islander have surfaced which show him on the reality show back in 2016 passionately kissing Charlotte and Chloe.

He also told The Daily Mail that the Geordie Shore cast were brainless when he described the cast. He distanced himself from them saying he likes going out “but I’m not daft, I’ve got something between my ears at the same time.”

Marnie took to her Twitter to call him out the fitness enthusiast and blasted him by saying, “you auditioned every series and got rejected”.

Her former co-stars Holly Hagan and Chloe Ferry seemed to agree with the 26-year-old as they liked her tweet.

Adam is a contestant on the new season of Love Island, where he recently coupled up with Kendall which has caused quite the stir on the show.

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