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Love Island: Amber confesses her feelings for Michael – as Joanna confronts him

"I can’t switch my feelings off."


On tonight’s episode of Love Island, the contestants are turning up the heat in the drama department.

Joanna and Michael are coupled up, but the Casa Amor entry is concerned about her partner’s potential remaining feelings for ex Amber.

Earlier this week, housemates comforted Amber as she broke down and confessed to still having feelings for the Essex fireman.

In a following challenge, the villa residents had to perform sexy dances for one another, with Amber raising Michael’s heartbeat the most with her lapdance.

Tonight, the islanders leave the villa and hit the club – and Joanna takes a moment to question Michael’s feelings for Amber.

“At the end of the day, it’s been hard because obviously, there has been times when I have seen you obviously look over or whatever and it has been awkward because the way you do look at her,” she says.


“You know, sometimes I am like, he still has feelings for her, personally.”

Michael rejects her suggestion, saying: “No, there’s literally nothing there.”

However, Joanna adds: “I just struggle with the fact that you’ve turned your feelings off so quickly.”


Later, Amber confesses her feelings to her ex in a private chat.

Telling him she has not moved on, she explains: “I just wanted to kind of put it on the table because I feel like, with Chris coming in, it made me realise even more how much we did have a good thing.”

“We had issues but if I had handled it better and had been more open we wouldn’t be at this point. I think we did have a good thing and I do still like you, I can’t switch my feelings off.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm.

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