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Late Late Show to get new set – and Ryan Tubridy is designing it himself


The Late Late Show is to get a new set next year – and Ryan Tubridy is pulling up his socks and designing it.

The RTE star told Goss.ie he knows it is time for a change of look for the station’s flagship show.

But Tubs plans to drive everyone mad by deciding exactly how it has to be designed.

“There is a new set in January. I’ve been looking for a new set for some time – and while it is a superficial thing, I think it’s time,” he said.

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Change: Tubs wants to get hands dirty on new set

“I’m very excited about that, because I think it’s going to help make the Late Late Show more modern.

“It allows me to be more hands on, but of course there will be a desk. But the point is, it’s a design thing.

“And I know this is going to drive them mad – but I want to be all over it. I have the set in my head, I just have to spew it out on a page.”

But speaking at RTE One’s launch, Tubridy insisted he won’t be turning the Late Late Show into Graham Norton with all the guests on at the same time.


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“We’ve done it before, and sometimes it works. Other times it does. But having them all sitting down – look at Robert De Niro on Graham Norton, it doesn’t always work,” he said.

“The benefits that the likes of chat shows in the UK have, that we don’t have, is that you chop it all up.

“So those long awkward silences where people are looking at each other, and are the nature of live TV, because in conversation there are silences – they just chop them out.

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“And suddenly, everyone is having a ball all the time. And that’s the luxury they have.”

And Tubridy admitted he feels he is getting better on the Late Late Show after becoming “more hands on” last year.

He said: “I think I was more hands on, around more, less distracted by books and other things. I think that’s helpful. I was more engaged.”